News – Czech Republic wins lICHT 2019


This 12th edition of the International Chablais Hockey Trophy was meant to be original, unique and attractive. She has been and has dedicated the Czech Republic to all six games.

The "small" Switzerland without complexes against a more homogeneous Czech Republic.

This last preparatory test for the Lausanne 2020 YOG has allowed the many people present at the Monthey ice rink to attend exciting meetings. She will have especially seen an opposition of style and very different physics. On the one hand, young Swiss skaters and on the other young people of impressive size and already impregnated with a game system in place.

This opposition styles were very interesting and will have the merit of showing the young Swiss guard the way to go to reach the international level.

If the girls have resisted better, it is mainly due to their esprit de corps in difficult times. They have never had complexes against a team more comfortable physically and technically. They stayed in their game plan without ever panicking. They even pushed, at times, the Czechs to undergo their game. Unfortunately on the whole tournament they had to admit to being beaten.

Young Swiss powerless against the physical challenge of the Czech Republic.

The two male formations did not present the same "jigs" on Montheysan ice. Switzerland had to face a deficit of weight and size in front of Czechs (175 cm for 70 kg) of average for the players of the East. Faced with this "wall", the young Helvetians have a little too quickly surrendered without doing too much harm to upset their opponents. But on all three games there was still some material for coaches to advance these young people.

An original edition, unique and attractive.

At the end of these three days of competition, the new president of the organization Cedric Borboen was very proud and satisfied with the event presented: " I have only met players, staff members, spectators, spectators coaches and staff of the federation with a smile on their faces and this is one of the best awards that can be received ".

For the organization president, it was a first and he said to himself: very happy and proud of the smooth running of the event and the work done by all his staff. This bodes well for the 2020 edition which will be of a different caliber since it is the U18 (USA, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland) that will make the trip to Chablais for a mini world championship. ".

New infrastructures were to emerge to accommodate the many scouts and media that will be present on the Monthey side. This edition will remain in the annals, because the YOG will not take place anytime soon in Switzerland and that the U16 formations do not take part in other championships.

Reminder of the results :

Feminine :
Switzerland – Czech Republic 4 – 3 t.b.
Czech Republic Switzerland 5 ₋ 4
Switzerland – Czech Republic 1 – 4

Male :
Switzerland – Czech Republic 2 – 4
Czech Republic – Switzerland 6 – 0
Switzerland – Czech Republic 0 – 4

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