Next week: towards winter bad weather!


By Gilles MATRICON, meteorologist

Next week, we will move under the influence of a vast low-pressure system stretching from Scandinavia to Ireland, Morocco, Italy, and all of Western Europe and France. With a north wind increasingly vigorous it will be cold. This cold and humid north wind will bring a lot of rain and snow at medium altitude.

Since the beginning of November, France knows a very rough weather. This disrupted weather persists all the next week.

Rain, risk of floods and snow in abundant mountains

On Monday will be the day to enjoy with a fairly calm weather, except in the northwest where new rains will arrive and in Corsica where storms punctually strong are to be feared.

Tuesday, the disturbance arrived the day before by the northwest will stretch from the Pyrenees to the Auvergne to the Northeast with rains and snow from 1000 meters. In the back, the weather will be variable, with clearings and showers. In the Southeast, Mistral and Tramontane will blow quite strongly.

Wednesdaythe situation will be contrasted with calm but often foggy weather in the east and central regions while a new disruption will occur in the Pyrenees and Brittany with a net reinforcement of the expected wind. In Corsica, rain-storm activity will decline.

From Thursday until the end of next week, a period of very bad weather settles durably because of the digging of a very active depression with heavy rains and sometimes violent winds in the west on Thursday. This very bad weather will reach the eastern and especially southeastern regions on Friday. This situation should be closely monitored, as it is likely to accentuate flood risk and flood risk in the south-west but also in the Mediterranean regions. An episode of violent winds, even stormy is also to be feared in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions. Finally, impressive amounts of snow could fall again, especially on the Pyrenees and the Alps from 1000 meters altitude. Showers of snow could even concern eastern plain regions.


Throughout next week, it will be cold. The minimum will be between -2 and 7 ° C from north to south, up to 10 ° C near the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, the maximum will change from 5 to 8 ° C in the east, from 9 to 11 ° C going towards the Atlantic and 12 to 13 ° C on average around the Mediterranean with peaks at 15 to 18 ° C. ° C between Corsica and the Côte d'Azur. It will be 2 to 5 ° C below the seasonal average.

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