Nice: nine arrests on the set of a rap clip with fake Kalashnikovs


Several arrests took place on Saturday afternoon in the sensitive neighborhood of L'Ariane, in Nice, on the sidelines of the shooting of a rap clip where some of the participants wore masks and replicas of weapons of war.

These arrests, five at first on the grounds of "participation in an armed crowd", were followed by a "beginning of urban violence" and new arrests, reports Nice-Matin.

A total of nine people were still in custody Sunday morning on the basis of an investigation entrusted to the Departmental Security by the Nice public prosecutor. The author of the rap video itself is one of those held in police custody.

Jets of bottles and pieces of concrete

"It was the inhabitants of the neighborhood who alerted us around 4 pm when they saw on the street some fifty young people, some of whom had their faces concealed by masks like Anonymous or Casa de Papel, with in their possession very beautiful replicas. Kalashnikov-style weapons of war that could be reminiscent of real weapons, "said the police source.

In subsequent clashes, police forces sporadically sprayed projectiles such as glass bottles or pieces of concrete on their vehicles, without lamenting any casualties in their ranks. The services of the road intervened to clear bins reversed on the roadway.

Among those arrested were three minors, who were also in custody, with the exception of one of them who, because of his young age, received only a reminder of the law. a judicial police officer. Another individual was taken into custody after coming to insult the police station in this sensitive area of ​​the east of the city.

Calm returned fairly quickly, around 18 hours, says the police, which however maintained the securing of the sector until the late evening.

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