No Straight Roads: The english dubbing in the trailer


Metronomik introduces English dubbing voices / voices from No Straight Roads in the following trailer. In the music adventure, members of an indie rock band fight against an EDM (electronic dance music) empire.
Wan Hazmer, Lead Game Designer of Final Fantasy 15, described No Straight Roads on the PlayStation blog as follows: "The game brings you to Vinyl City, where mega-corporation NSR (No Straight Roads) took control of all the clubs, and NSR also acts as a label for electronic dance music, letting it play its own music, playing as Mayday and Zuke two members of indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction, who want to take on gigantic bosses with the performers of NSR and regain control of the city, creating No Straight Roads to enhance the audio in a video game, without it becoming a rhythm game, and using strong visual elements to tell a story about different musical cultures, it's actually a very special action game – it's like, say, Kingdom Hearts or Devil May Cry. You can attack , jump and move freely, and everything that happens on the screen is closely linked to the music, you do not have to follow the beat, but if you have the relationship understanding between the attacks of the opponents and the music, you have an advantage in combat! "

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