Nolan Arenado makes history in the MLB by winning consecutive defensive awards | AL BAT


Considered by many to be the best third baseman of all the majors, the American but of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, Nolan Arenado, is the first player in the history of the MLB to win three consecutive Platinum Glove Awards.

The Colorado Rockies' antealist will hardly cease to be the best on the hot corner defense, although there are several high-level antealists in Major League Baseball, Sandblasting simply and simply seems to be not only one, but several steps up of all.

Since his professional debut in 2013, he has won seven gold gloves in seven seasons, that is, he goes undefeated and sweeping every year. As if that were not enough, some experts are already beginning to debate whether Nolan could already be considered the best defensive third baseman in history, perhaps it is still early to discuss it, because at 28 years of age, the player is still very young.

The Platinum Glove Award is given to the one with the best score of a combination of amateur votes and Defensive Index of the American Baseball Society. Yadier Molina, receiver of the Cardinals of San Luis is the only player who has more Platinum Gloves than Arenado, as the Puerto Rican has four on his shelf.

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