"NOstlinger-protest" of the fans against Peter StOger – football


In the match against Mattersburg the Austria fans supported their team. The club leadership was sharply criticized. The message: Board out!

The hard core of the fans of Vienna Austria aggravated in the match against Mattersburg the protest against the club leadership.After fan protests in the 0-2 against the LASK in Pasching with smoke bombs and pyrotechnics, which were strongly condemned by the violet club tip, there were in the home game against Mattersburg 90 minutes protests with banners on the East stand.

"In order to hide your mistakes, you try to ruin the fan scene," praised there in giant letters at the beginning of the game.

The fans criticized the failed personnel policy of recent years. AG's CEO Markus Kraetschmer, who has been working for the Violets since the Stronach era in 1999 and is responsible for the club's bad financial situation, is the scapegoat.

Review: In an open letter, the Austria presidium had turned to the fans during the week. "The club and its followers may differ in their names, but we are united by the desire to experience a strong Austria again, let us never forget that," was written in it. The message: The hand to the fans is stretched out.

The active violet fan scene countered: "The shameful work of central actors, who cause irreversible damage for years is glossed over and downplayed."

A Fantalk during the week with Peter StOger, for whom the Austria demanded 19 Euro admission (drinks and a cold buffet were included), was pulled by the fans at the Mattersburg match by the cocoa. "19 euros for a conversation with P. StOger? The NOstlinger has already told fairy tales for less money," was written on a banner that was shown in half one.

Other messages: "In Pasching you have seen it, the board must go now."

"If the club cooperates with the police, ultras are sorted out at our Austria!"

"Lots of people are or have been gone, times have changed, what remained are we fans remembered respect our fan culture!"

"With the stadium construction miscalculated, the last fans are breaded! Now we say it very clear, under sinking is quite close! Only a resignation can save us: MK stalk you, make it for our Violets!"

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