Novak Djokovic debuts with victory in London


Without contemplations, without doubts and without concessions. So walk Novak Djokovic in this final stretch of the season, already getting his first win in this Nitto ATP London Finals 2019 and demonstrating why he is the most effective indoor player. The Serbian has not played to the fullest in recent weeks, so we can think that something is still being reserved for the right time. Especially flagrant was his superiority over Matteo Berrettini, against the one who traveled calmly along the track until he saw the need to minimally squeeze the accelerator and put earth in the middle to finally beat by a forceful 6-2 and 6-1 in an hour and four minutes of play.

Like that endearing father who makes his little son believe that he can beat anything, and in the final section, he wins so as not to spoil his offspring excessively. This is how Djokovic behaved against Berrettini, especially in the first set. The match began very evenly for both players, reaching 2-2 on the scoreboard and with the feeling that Matteo could do something to surprise, but nothing could be further from the truth. Djokovic did not want problems, clenched his teeth, increased leg intensity and raised in a seen and unseen set, winning 6-2 on the first sleeve.

Berrettini was taken out of his fantasy sharply. He realized how superior the Serbian is and that he not only needed to play his best tennis, but also that Djokovic was very clueless. The Serbian was not willing to do so, who only gave up his service once in the whole match and when the match was already decided, knowing that he did not want to spend much time on the track and thus dose himself for the next matches, where he will have Than battle much more.

The precise game of Belgrade shows its statistics; Many winning shots and very few unforced errors (only eight errors by the 28 of the Italian player), give an idea of ​​the comfort with which the Serbian played. Rhythm of competition and confidence that allow to continue building a solid base to face the end of the year with options to raise a title and be number one in the world. He did not even have a chance to dream the Italian during the second set, and that is that Djokovic at the first of exchange got a break and opened the gap in the scoreboard.

In this way, Novak Djokovic gets his first win in this tournament in which a priori was the simplest opponent of his group. He will then have to win Thiem or Federer to seal his pass to the semifinals. Berrettini for his part needs a crush if he wants to be a semifinalist for this Nitto ATP Finals.

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