Okay Google, was the Pixel 4 just a teaser for the Pixel 4a?


The Google Pixel 4 has a hard time compared to other flagships. The battery life is quite short, there are only two cameras, the radar-based gesture control works unreliable and the technical equipment is nothing special. Does pixel 4 only serve as a teaser for pixel 4a?

The Google Pixel 4 had left us with no bad impression – but a half-hearted. "Somehow it seems as if Google is not consistent enough in the fourth year, when it comes to the development of his smartphones, "writes my TURN ON colleague Patrick in the test to do so.For me, the gesture control via hand movement only occasionally, ever works installing a radar sensor like overkill for the few features it supports, and it's the device's big innovation.

Only two cameras, small memory

The new features for the main camera like the double exposure are a real asset, but why is there only a zoom camera? Other flagship smartphones, such as the Galaxy S10, have at least one ultra-wide-angle camera, sometimes a 3D sensor, or something like a macro sensor. A dual camera is out of date.

Strangely enough, Google's decision to only offer models with 64 GB or 128 GB of internal memory that can not be expanded. Photos can be saved in Google Photos only with extra charge in original quality, 6 GB of RAM are also rather the minimum for a flagship. The processor is the Snapdragon 855 and not the faster Snapdragon 855+, the internal memory is content with the slower UFS 2.1 standard, although the OnePlus 7 Pro is already equipped with UFS 3.0.

Short term and face ID with software problem

Much fuss was also made about the lack of opportunity to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second. This is probably not a big drama for most users, but Google's commentary on the subject can look deep. So the 4K-60 videos would fill the memory too fast. How about a bigger memory? Probably such videos also consume more vigorously on the battery – which should have been just as big.

Finally, the very good face unlock also works with your eyes closed. This is a parody of Face-ID-like systems whose great strength is their increased security compared to unlocking via a selfie camera. So Google made the technology via software without good reason again unsafe, with an update to fix the problem at some point.

Other flagships offer more

The design also looks rather outdated thanks to the large display frame. Google would have better downsized the frame – a pop-up bar for the sensors would have been a good solution for this purpose. Of course, there are also positives about the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL to report, such as the DisplayMate excellent screen of the latter. And the Pixel 4 is less synonymous with shaking our heads – than for a shrug. Other flagships like the OnePlus 7T Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S10 can easily do more for a similar price.

Was Pixel 4 just a teaser for Pixel 4a?

And so I asked myself at some point: Well, this thing is hardly competitive at the moment … so why did Google put it on the market? And I suspect that Pixel 4 for Google was a kind of experiment lab for the development of Google Pixel 4a. And, from the consumer's point of view, a kind of teaser. Admittedly, it is not yet known if there will ever be a pixel 4a, but I assume. After all, the Google Pixel 3a was a real top seller and could convince most testers rather than the Google Pixel 3. Including us.

As colleague Michael wrote in his review of the Pixel 3a XL: "The Pixel 3 XL has finally arrived in the Lite version, where it belongs: in the middle class. "For the Pixel 4, the principle applies even more: Actually, it belongs in the middle class, for me, with minor drawbacks Pixel 4 could make it into the pixel 4a, the processor should be a slower and on the radar system will probably have to do without the prospective buyers Google is expected to score with the most important pixel features at a lower price – maybe again 400 euros in contrast to the at least 750 euros of the Pixel 4.

Or I am wrong and there will be no pixel 4a. Then perhaps Google should stop producing smartphones – or approach it with more heart and soul.

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