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Before the international break, the Ligue 1 offered us an enticing encounter. In closing this 13th day of the championship of France, Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais crossed the wire at the Orange Velodrome for the first Olympico of this year 2019-2010. If on the sporting level, this confrontation was very interesting, with a possible second place for the Phoceens and a passage in the first part of table for Les Gones, the wait was elsewhere. It was indeed the big comeback of Rudi Garcia in Marseille, who left OM several months ago and then joined OL in October. For this shock, Andre Villas-Boas leaned on a 4-3-3 with Kamara sentinel or Lopez right winger. For his part, Garcia went out 4-2-3-1 with Queen-Adelaide in number 10 behind Dembele.

After a nice tifo from the Marseille fans, the game started at a good pace. Quickly, Benedetto tried his luck of the head but the Argentine did not clasp the frame (2nd). The Gones, surprised by the cleaners Marseille, answered anyway with a shot from Cornet out Mandanda (3rd). The ball passed very quickly from one side to another and after an attempt by Rongier countered, the Phoenicians got a corner. On it, Thiago Mendes touched the leather of the arm and offered a penalty to OM (12th). Payet took the ball but the spirits were warming up between Dubois and Benedetto, author of a small gesture on the French side. After several minutes, Payet could finally shoot and the old Hammer opened the score (18th, 1-0). Boosted by this score and their supporters, the men of Andre Villas-Boas began to asphyxiate the Gones.

Alvaro Gonzalez, a second catastrophic period

Following a nice action, Payet saw his crushed strike finish in the gloves Lopes (32). Very active tonight, the number 10 Olympian insisted and doubled the bet before the break. After a superb combination, Payet put on his right foot and adjusted Lopes with a cross shot (39th). The first act was far from over. One of OL's top players tonight, Queen-Adelaide made a festival in the box and fell after a small contact with Amavi. Mr. Gautier did not hook (45th). And after a last strike from Traore (45 + 2), both teams returned to the locker room. The Gones started well the second act with a free-kick framed Traore captured by Mandanda (48th). The Phocaeans were struggling to recover, but Payet was passing close to the hat-trick. His curling shot went past the cages of Lopes (58).

But before the hour of play, the men of Rudi Garcia restarted the match. Traore adjusted his center towards Dembele. Surprised by a voice, Gonzalez stooped and let the Lyon striker score from close range (59th, 2-1). The Spanish defender, already the author of a mistake, made a second one afterwards. By retaining the Lyon striker as the last defender, the player loaned by Villarreal was expelled (64th)! The Gones also passed close to the equalizer on the free-kick, since Traore's deflected shot skimmed the amount (65th). Behind, opportunities were fewer. At eleven against ten, the players of Rudi Garcia pushed but the block Phocean remained in place. The Orange Velodrome crowd was shaking to the end, as Terrier's recovery was not far off (90th). OM did not crack and won the 99th Olympico against OL (2-1). A victory that allowed the Phocaeans to take second place. The Gones remained 14th.

Relive the film of the meeting on our live commented.

The man of the match: Payet (8) after his statements at a press conference on Friday, the former Hammer was expected to turn. And the least we can say is that the number 10 Olympian has assumed a great match! Ubiquitous on the lawn of the Orange Velodrome, the French community has worn his. First by scoring a penalty early in the game (18th), then doubling the setting of a cross shot (39th). Author of other attempts (32nd, 33rd, 58th), the Reunionese was also not far from the triplet. His best game this season. Replaced by Germain (78th) who brought nothing in front.

Olympic Marseille

- Mandanda (7): the Marseilles captain was imperial in his object. Quickly decisive on a shot from Cornet (3rd), the French international has not let anything in his surface and give confidence to his teammates. Even on air balloons, the number 1 Olympian has always been present, especially on the corners of Queen Adelaide and Cornet. He continued in the second period by stopping the free kick of Traore (48th). And on Dembele's goal, he can do absolutely nothing.

- Sarr (5.5): tenured at the post of right side, the old Messin has had trouble tonight. Faced with Cornet, the 27-year-old was too often caught in his back and missed a lot of things on the ball. His warning in the 10th minute quickly put a sword of Damocles over his head, forcing him to intervene less. However, his second period was much better.

- A. Gonzalez (4,5): the player loaned by Villarreal chained the decisive interventions to the delight of the Phocaeans fans. The 29-year-old defenseman, who tried his luck on a free-kick (49th), has brought the "grinta" that Marseille loves so much, but only in the first half. Already worrying about a few interventions during the first 45 minutes, Gonzalez sank back from the locker room, with a yellow card (46th), an incomprehensible decision on the goal of Dembele (59th) and especially a red card for a foul as the last defender (64th).

- Caleta-Car (6): with the match of his neighbor in central hinge, the vice-world champion was more discreet (only 27 balls played), but he still made his match. In the zone of truth Marseille, the Croatian international has shown strength to repel the attacks Lyon.

- Amavi (7): often criticized, the left side Phocaean rises in power for several matches. Already interesting against LOSC last weekend, the 25-year-old managed to tie up tonight with a good performance. In his hallway; the Toulonnais has run a lot to contain Traore and Dubois, even if the Burkinabe has sometimes passed. Still a volunteer, the former Aston Villa made his match.

- Sanson (6): a half-hearted match from the former Montpellier. He had a big impact in the middle, whether at the beginning of the match or in the last moments. Ball in the foot, he did not hesitate to make several breakthroughs, necessarily awakening the fans present. Nevertheless, we note that he lost a little too many balloons (14).

- Kamara (6.5): once again in front of the defense, the player trained at OM has again achieved a good performance. As football fans say, the 19-year-old made the "wiper" in the midfield to scratch balloons in Lyon's feet. In the area, he kept his defender benchmarks, as on this decisive tackle in front of Traore (32nd).

- Barnier (7,5): what about the match of the former FC Nantes player? Still titularized by AVB, the French midfielder shone in midfield. Always present to press his opponents (15 balls won), the 24-year-old was just everywhere, since he was also there to organize the game of OM. With his warning late in the game (82), he had to lift his foot.

- Lopez (5.5): for the first time, the 21-year-old was not on familiar ground in the Olympico. It did not stop him from making a good match. Much less prominent than in the midfield, the Marseillais was still interesting in the right lane, he who finished with 92% of successful passes. A good first at this post. Replaced by Khaoui at the end of the match (87).

- Benedetto (4,5): the former center-forward of Boca Juniors, accustomed to big ambiances with the Bombonera, was certainly looking forward to this Olympico at home. Unfortunately, the Argentinian did not live up to the event. Very discreet on the pitch, the 29-year-old has only tried his luck in the lead early in the game (2nd). Otherwise, he has dropped a lot to try to provide a solution, to no avail. Replaced by Strootman (66th) following the expulsion of Gonzalez. The Dutchman has run a lot to help his teammates.

- Payet (8): see above

Olympique Lyonnais

- Lopes (5): a first alert on an uncontrolled exit and a disagreement with Kone (1st). He must bow for the first time on Payet's penalty (18th). Then a second time, on a cross shot of Payet out of reach for him (39th). Much quieter in the second half.

- Dubois (4): a sluggish match. If the French has been busy defending well, de-zoning Payet in the axis has put in great difficulty. He has barely taken his lane to accompany the offensives of his team. It is too little for the one who recovered the captain's armband after the exit of Aouar.

- Andersen (4): the Dane is gaining strength and he appeared rather at ease in this shock. Confident in his reminders, he sometimes took risks. He does not intervene fast enough on Payet during the second goal of Marseille (39th). Good interventions but he also left a lot of spaces behind his back which benefited to Sanson for example.

- Denayer (3,5): difficulties to position themselves. Late in his interventions, the Belgian was not on his plate. He reacted well afterwards but was not transcendent. He ensured the minimum not to let his team sink but he did not clear his usual serenity.

- Kone (4): the Malian struggled to get into his match. If he put a lot of physical impact into the duels, technically he was not there. However, he took full advantage of the spaces left by Cornet in front of him to take his corridor and thus bring the overcount offensively. Insufficient all the same.

- T. Mendes (5): a very delicate start to the match. Author of a hand in his penalty area, the middle conceded the penalty, converted by Payet (18th). Like his team, his first period is to throw in the trash but he reacted well in the second act by touching many more balloons.

- Aouar (3): invisible in the first half, just like his team. The midfielder was very little found by his teammates. He was the one who had to guide the game of his team but he seemed very withdrawn and light in the duels. Apart from a few flashes, there is nothing to save from his match. Replaced by Cherki after a hit (57th). The young midfielder was interesting and tried to come up with solutions.

- B.Traore (4,5): the Burkinabe did everything backwards in the first half. Except on a rush in the Marseille area, the striker was clearly not in the game. Better in the second half, it is him who offers the goal to Dembele on an overflow right side. A precise center that finds the head of his attacker (59th). Replaced by Terrier (73e).

- Queen Adelaide (6): the best Lyonnais tonight. Available, he always played in the direction of the game. The French international Espoirs overflowed, created differences and tried to destabilize the Olympian defense but he seemed well alone … Replaced to general surprise at half-time by Jean Lucas (3.5). The Brazilian has distinguished himself by a long shot (69th), but it is one of the only things to be notified.

- Cornet (4): an early game where Sarr did not know where to turn. But he dropped pace later to disappear as and when. He had some opportunities to give good balloons but was sometimes imprecise. His association on the left side with Kone is not strong enough to influence the debates. An average match.

- Dembele (4,5): very discretly. The attacker did not have much to chew on and seemed well lonely at the tip of the attack. Whether side players or midfielders, the number 9 Lyonnais has not been found by its partners. However, it only took a good balloon to put in the bottom. He takes the center of Traore well and sends a header to the second post (59th). For the rest, not much to remember …

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