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"Hansi said before the game, the two games are now the finish line first, he crossed the finish line brilliantly today." Now you can continue with Flick on, said Rummenigge. You have to give the coach a "big compliment".

When asked how long the Munich plan with Flick, no information wanted to give Rummenigge.

+++ LOw can imagine Flick as a permanent solution +++

National coach Joachim Loew trusts his former assistant Hansi Flick the permanent employment as a coach at Bayern. "I think so, he has the skill and a high emotional ability to deal with the players," said LOw in the half-time of the top match on Saturday night between Bayern and Dortmund at Sky. "Of course Hansi knows what to do, I think he can."

The previous assistant coach had taken over the record champions after the mutual separation of Niko Kovac last Sunday. A long-term successor to the Croatian does not seem to be in sight yet. A phone call with Arsene Wenger during the week had been fruitless. The Bavarians said the French according to their presentation.

Flick himself had blocked questions about his future before the kickoff. "I'm not interested in that," said the 54-year-old, adding that, with a view to the BVB game and the 2-0 victory in the Champions League against Olympiacos Piraeus last Wednesday, "I have the task for these two games I want to enjoy the game and I hope we can bring that to the place the team is capable of. "

News from 08.11.

+++ Telephone conversation with Rummenigge: Wenger contradicts FC Bayern +++

Confusion about a phone call. Bayern claims Arsene Wenger would have offered to Bayern. This contradicts the Frenchman now in an interview.

Many signs were that Arsene Wenger could become the new coach at Bayern. First talks were discussed and a possible meeting after the Dortmund match. But then the refusal of the German record champion to the starting coach.

But what exactly happened between Bayern and the 70-year-olds, since the opinions differ.

In an exclusive interview with beIN Sports, the Alsatian describes how it really should have expired on Wednesday and thus contradicted the presentation of the Munich.

He had not called the Bavarians, but he would have been contacted by the CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

After cancellation: Wenger contradicts the Bayern

"On Wednesday afternoon, Rummenigge called me and I could not answer the call at the time and later, as a courtesy, called him back in. He was in his car on the way to the match against Piraeus and we talked for maybe four or five minutes. ..) He asked me if I was interested as they were looking for a new coach, so I told him I had not thought about it yet and needed some time to think about it, we decided together that we would be next Call again on the week. (…) That's the true story. "

On Thursday afternoon, the club said on request from "Bild": "Arsene Wenger has called Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Wednesday afternoon and basically signaled interest in coaching at Bayern Bayern appreciates Arsene Wenger for his work as a coach at Arsenal London, but he is not an option as a coach at Bayern Munich. "

+++ Ruud Gullit on ten Hag: "Think he will go to Bayern Munich" +++

Actually, Erik ten Hag had canceled the Bayern, he wants to stay at Ajax Amsterdam this season. However, he did not rule out a change in summer 2020. Since the Bavarian bosses have excluded a commitment of Arsene Wenger public (see entry from 07.11.), Ten Hags chances for the Bayern job should continue to rise.

Holland legend Ruud Gullit is certain that ten Hag hires the record champions. The co-coach of the Dutch national team can even imagine an immediate change of ten Hags: "If they want you, then you would say 'no', just because you want to end the season? I think he will go to Bayern Munich" Gullit said at BT Sport. Head coach at Bayern, this is a unique opportunity, according to the long-time professional of AC Milan. "Bavaria may call you once in a lifetime, so you just have to go there," Gullit explained.

Ten Hag knows all about Sabener Strabe. From 2013 to 2015, the 49-year-old was under Pep Guardiola coach of the second team. "Bayern are a fantastic club, I really enjoyed the time there," said ten Hag at the press conference before the Champions League game against Chelsea (1-0).

+++ Kahn explains: That's what the new Bayern coach +++ needs

Of course, the coaching issue at FC Bayern also includes the designated CEO Oliver Kahn. In his "Kahnalyse" for Samsung, the former world-class goalkeeper has expressed to the claims of the new coach – and have grown significantly in recent years.

"The days are over when it was enough for Bayern Munich to somehow win games and somehow become champions, football has of course evolved to the point that it is already a spectacle." The spectators who come to the stadium today, they want it also see an attractive football game, "says the 50-year-old.

Expectations that the record champion must live up to: "This is something that also belongs to the philosophy of Bayern Munich: that they want to play a dominant game, but that they also play attractively, that they play forward, that they can recognize things there that you have in other teams, in terms of technical level, in terms of the speed you do not see in other teams. "

In order to reintroduce a recognizable game philosophy to the team, Kahn recommends "very, very much to think" in the decision-making process for the new coach. Because it has to be about getting a coach who can possibly shape an era again. And I think that's something you can not shoot so easily right now. That's something you have to think about now, "says Kahn, who returns to FC Bayern starting in January.

News from 07.11.

+++ U-turn: Bavaria says Wenger! +++

Only a few hours after the alleged negotiations, the turnaround comes. FC Bayern have probably canceled Arsene Wenger, reports the "Bild". According to Bayern boss Rummenigge and the longtime Arsenal coach on Wednesday phoned. In the conversation Wenger has signaled his fundamental interest in the coaching job at Bayern.

But: "Bayern appreciates Arsene Wenger for his work as a coach at Arsenal London very, but he is no option as a coach at Bayern Munich," quoted the "Bild" the club.

+++ Report: Bayern is already negotiating with Wenger +++

Now, finding a successor to Niko Kovac can be quite quick. As the "Bild" reports, the FC Bayern Munich is already negotiating with Arsene Wenger (70). The Frenchman, who trained Arsenal London from 1996 to 2018, is said to have already given a concrete talk.

A personal meeting between the Bayern executives and the 70-year-old, who speaks fluent German, according to the report is scheduled for Saturday after the match against Borussia Dortmund. The contact to Wenger should have been opened by Uli Hoeneb, but the negotiations are the responsibility of the CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

The Bayern probably favor a solution until the end of the season to then take a younger coach like Erik ten Hag under contract. Wenger, who can imagine a commitment to Bayern, would be willing to accept this short contract period.

In case of an agreement, Wenger would not bring his own co-coaching team, but would work together with interim head coach Hansi Flick (54).

+++ Mourinho confidant: "Jose would very much like to come to Bavaria" +++

In the debate of the possible Kovac successor now another name is traded – Jose Mourinho.

Although the Portuguese itself has not yet commented on a possible commitment in Munich, but a close confidant to Sky Sport. "Jose Mourinho would love to come to FC Bayern and he's been following the matches very intensively for some time now and would like to work with absolute football specialists like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneb in the future.

Mourinho has been out of work since being knocked out by Manchester United late last year. The Portuguese star coach, who won the Champions League with Porto (2004) and Inter Milan (2010), speaks five languages ​​fluently and is currently learning German.

But since Mourinho is known for playing more defensive football, chances are that FC Bayern Mourinho will be the new coach. In addition, Mourinho is also as a possible successor of Lucien Favre at Borussia Dortmund in conversation.

News from 06.11.

+++ Arsene Wenger: "Of course" interested in job at Bayern +++

Arsene Wenger is currently one of the hottest candidates for the successor to Niko Kovac. The Frenchman is since his departure from Arsenal in the summer of 2018 without a club and therefore immediately available for Bayern.

As Wenger points out to "beIN SPORTS," Wenger's interest in moving to Munich is "of course": "Coaching has been my whole life so far, and every coach will say that to win football matches, to prepare the team for the match and to be contented and shared Feelings, that's something you miss. "

+++ Ralf Rangnik: "Does not make sense to talk" +++

The name Ralf Rangnick fell again and again in connection with the Bayern. At the end of last season, the 61-year-old was said to have been a topic on Sabener Strabe, but ultimately the bosses decided that Niko Kovac would remain. After the dismissal of the Croat, Rangnick was again acted as his successor.

A commitment in Munich, however, will not be there for the time being, as adviser Marc Kosicke told the "image": "We do not believe that what Ralf Rangnick brings is currently being sought at Bayern." And therefore it makes no sense, concrete talks respectively." Currently Rangnick acts as "Head of Sport and Development Soccer" in the RB-Kosmos.

+++ Thomas Tuchel: "I'm not interested" +++

As after Heyncke's departure, the name Thomas Tuchel was one of the first. For the current coach of Paris Saint-Germain a commitment with the Munich but also out of the question. "I'm not interested because I'm coach of Paris Saint-Germain, I have a contract and I do not think about another club," he said in the run-up to the CL game against Bruges. He also pointed out that he still has a contract in Paris for the upcoming season.

+++ Erik ten Hag: "Stay with Ajax this season" +++

FC Bayern Munchen received its first rebuff on Monday, with Ten Haag continuing to coach Ajax Amsterdam. "I have a good relationship with my players and I can confirm that I will stay with Ajax this season," he said at the press conference before the Champions League match at Chelsea. From 2013 to 2015 ten Hag coached the second team of the record champions. Not surprisingly, the Dutchman was one of the top candidates.

"Bayern is a fantastic club, I enjoyed the time there very much, the club has a place in my heart, but now I'm at Ajax, I live in the present and I'm totally focused on Ajax," he added. Contact between the coach and Bayern should not have existed so far.

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