On the way to "finalists of the heart" and a "monstrous" thought


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Ice Master Zaugg

On the way to "finalists of the heart" – and an "outrageous" thought

The Swiss have not played so spectacularly in any of the previous 23 Germany Cup appearances. Do we even have to think the unthinkable?

klaus zaugg, krefeld

Three games, three times spectacle, three times 30 or more shots on goal: So good entertainment, such dynamic and "total" hockey the Swiss have never offered at the Germany Cup since 1987. After beating Slovakia (5: 2) and Germany (4: 3 n.V) and a penalty defeat by Russia (3: 4 n.P), Switzerland won the tournament for the third time after 2001 and 2007.

Whether it will be enough for the finals at the World Cup in May is still not certain even after winning the Germany Cup. Not even the minimum goal quarterfinals is guaranteed. But the Swiss are well on their way to becoming finalists of hearts at the World Cup with the rousing, "total" hockey they demonstrated in Krefeld.

Theoretically, it is possible that none of these «Heroes of Krefeld» will attend the World Cup in May 2020 in Zurich. "I can not imagine that," says Franz Reindl, the German hockey legend and today President of the German Association, who is deeply impressed by the quality of the Swiss "B selection". For him, a few of our Germany Cup team have the best chances for the World Cup.

Patrick Fischer says it is similar to Franz Reindl, but from a different perspective. He has the courage to surprise World Cup squads. Anyone who comes in top form in April will have a World Cup chance independently. Some of the «Heroes of Krefeld» (the honorary title is well deserved because of the great victory over Germany) will also be called up for the December tournament in Visp.

The national coach does not commit himself to personnel matters. "Of course we have some players we can not do without. But the base has now become wider and the competition has an invigorating effect. "He does not do any individual criticism and when asked who played in his notebook for a World Cup nomination at the Deutschland Cup, he says:" The whole team. "That's it diplomatically clever, but also corresponds to the tip-top appearance of the Swiss: so much passion and sacrifice, even in the last game on Sunday morning at 11:00 clock. These final games on the home travel day in the past often wafted around a melancholy charm of Schlendrians. There was no sign of it this time.

Patrick Fischer has a message to the clubs: "We could not put together a second such team of young players." That was worrying, the base was still too narrow and he appealed to give the boys in clubs more of a chance. "We have seen here that young players can keep up surprisingly well on an international level."

The easiest way to find out who has World Cup chances is to rank the candidates for the last championship places. As big as the competition may be, it would be a surprise if more than five Krefeld heroes would win the World Cup. So far, in the term of Patrick Fischer always at least five players, which he has mobilized for the November internationals, at the end of the season also drove to the World Cup.


  • Melvin Nyffeler
  • Joren van Pottelberghe


  • Andrea Glauser
  • Samuel circle
  • Claude-Curdin Paschoud
  • Yannick Rathgeb
  • Simon Le Coultre
  • Dominik Egli
  • Fabian Heldner
  • Roger Karrer


  • Pius Suter
  • Noah Rod
  • Alessio Bertaggia
  • Marco Muller
  • Jason Fox
  • Tyler Moy
  • Luca Fazzini
  • Dario Simion
  • Raphael Prassl
  • Jerôme Bachofner
  • Luca Hischier
  • Thierry Bader
  • Ken hunter

All but Roger Karrer, Samuel Kreis, Dario Simion and Ken Jager have either a neutral or a plus balance. Noah Rod (+4) has the best score overall, ahead of Tyler Moy (+3).

Pius Suter is top scorer of the team (and the tournament) with 7 points (3 goals, 4 assists), ahead of Tyler Moy (2 goals / 2 assists) and Dominik Egli, Noah Rod and Jason Fuchs (3 points each).

Also at ZSC "on fire": Nati striker Pius Suter. Picture: KEYSTONE

On a position in the World Cup nomination no surprises are expected. And yet comes after the Germany Cup an outrageous thought on: What if Melvin Nyffeler (24) instead of Leonardo Genoni (32) would be mobilized for the World Cup? Totally unthinkable! Yes, almost absurd! Or not?

There are two variants of such a hockey technically "monstrous" mind game:

  1. Leonardo Genoni is multiple champion and the 2018 World Champion Silver Hero, who has tricked us into the final and there until the penalty shootout.The current form in the championship plays him only a disorderly role. If things go their normal course, he will be his best in qualifying and his best hockey in the playoffs.

    When it comes to the World Cup with maximum expectation pressure in your own country, it is unthinkable not to consider such a veteran veteran. He is our number 1 for the World Cup. No ifs and buts".

  2. Melvin Nyffeler has scored a 92.95 percent catch rate in the Germany Cup in challenging goalkeeping matches – 69 shots in the two games against Slovakia and Russia.The nimble reflexgoalie is four centimeters smaller than Leonardo Genoni and almost too small for international hockey. But he has the dominant, confident look of a bigger goalie. His style is a mix of Reto Pavoni and Leonardo Genoni. He did cast the Lakers into the highest league and cup victory. But otherwise no national and international merit.

The thought of a squad of Melvin Nyffeler for the 2020 World Cup may be adventurous. But the German Cup has at least shown that we also have goalies for the time after Leonardo Genoni and Reto Berra.

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