On Twitch, Sardoche bursts into tears and provokes the hilarity of his fans


On YouTube as on Twitch, professional streamers regularly sting big anger or psychologically collapse, to the delight of their "fans".

In the French gaming world, Sardoche is a special figure. This streamer, specialized in the game League of Legends, is also known for its attacks of rage and explosive tears. Thus, on October 29, 2019, he collapsed live on Twitch after losing part of his favorite game.

Anger that attracts fans

And his community of followers revel in these videos showing him breaking his equipment or kicking a wall. Just check out her live chat or the comments section of her YouTube videos to find out. The young people who follow Sardoche do as much for his performances as for his big anger.

Screenshots showing many reactions from fans who are having fun with Sardoche's rage

© Cyprien

12 hours of stream per day

Sardoche is not an isolated case, and the situation raises the question of the mental health of the streamers. Sardoche is famous for embarking on streams from 10 to 12 hours per day during which he takes no break. These usually take place at the end of the day and part of the night. This is the favorite niche of the vast majority of Twitch professionals. Between the lack of sleep, the pressure of the hearings and the obligation to have results to continue to live of this activity, the burn-out and the suicidal desires (that it shouts face camera) never seem far and are part integral part of the show. Some raise the question of the toxicity of his fans who seem to maintain the anger of the streamer by encouragement. As summarized @dazjm, a podcasts animator specializing in digital cultures, the public is as fascinated as a motorist who is witnessing an accident on the highway.

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