"Once Coup Aargau, please!" We visited the first Vermicelles restaurant in Switzerland – knowledge


"We would never have expected that," says David Jaggi on the phone. He is driving with 100 kilos of fresh Vermicelles puree from the Bieler Seeland to Zurich in the circle 4. He brings much-needed supplies in his newly opened Vermicelleria.

In the evening some 50 people would line up in front of the small restaurant. If it goes on like that, the additional kilos would not go that far, fears Jaggi. He has therefore phoned Bergell to collect the last marroni there. Because in the Vermicelleria, which he has put together with Hanna Buker and Nicole Heim on the legs, only real Swiss chestnut puree comes in the couplers.

A nouveaute, because the Swiss winter dessert classic is always made from foreign chestnuts. Why, when there are huge chestnut woods in southern Switzerland, the three friends wondered. From the question to the ready-made overall concept passed almost a year. So even self-made ceramic coupe shells and artfully staged photos are part of the pop-up project.

For a month, you can now order "Coup Aargau" or "Coup Bergell" in the Gelateria Tellhof. The names are dedicated to the origin of sweet chestnuts. Many people would not know that marroni grow north of the Alps, says Jaggi. The Bergeller puree is sweeter, that Aargauer nuttier. The double cream for both comes from the Gruyere, the meringues from the Emmental, the cherries from the Solothurn – more Switzerland in a small cup cup is almost impossible.

Whether there will be a coup Ticino, Valais and Lake Lucerne next year, David Jaggi leaves open. Sweet chestnuts are growing everywhere. He's trying to get enough vermicelles for a month now. "It would have been so slow." And otherwise there would still be Glaces in the Gelateria Tellhof, where the pop-up project was rented. Whereby the group of seniors, which you can now see strolling along the Tellstrasse, can not be put off with ice cream.

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