one dead and two seriously wounded,


Two vehicles crashed violently on plateau-pierre on Saturday, November 9 in the evening. The accident resulted in one death and two serious injuries, including an 8-year-old child. Five other people are slightly injured.

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                                A serious accident occurred on Saturday, November 9, in the evening at Plateau Caillou, Saint-Paul. At about 8 pm two vehicles were violently hit.<br/>

Two serious injuries including one child

One man has died, seven people are injured, two of them seriously. An 8-year-old is one of those seriously injured. A 45-year-old man was also rushed to the Western Hospital Center.

The accident occurred on the "11% slope". One vehicle was going up, the other was coming down and the latter would have been deported to the left lane before colliding with the car in front. The driver was killed instantly.

A third vehicle was involved more lightly in the accident. Traffic has been interrupted in the area while relief work is in progress. Significant resources have been deployed by firefighters to take care of all victims.

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