One x one: Racing (1) – Hurricane (0)


We leave you the scores of what was the triumph of Racing against Hurricane in the Cylinder. The One X One of Racing 1 – Hurricane 0. Do you agree with Alma Racing?

1-Gabriel Arias (8): Tremendous cover to Vieyra when the game was 0-0. The goalkeeper did not eat the striker's threat, I wait for him and he took it off with his feet. It was worth a goal, the champion's goalkeeper.

4-Ivan Pillud (6): Much dedication and sacrifice. He made the whole band and at times he was one more forward. Inaccurate, but always present.

23-Nery Dominguez (5.5): He practically did not have a job in defense because Hurricane did not attack. This time it was not so clear with his passes and was somewhat imprecise.

6-Lucas Orban (6): Firm in the brand, always won from above and was vehement at the time of going to the floor. It cost him with the ball on his feet.

5-Eugenio Mena (6): Each time he attacked by his band he did so with discretion. Very firm in the brand. Attitude and delivery.

21-Marcelo Diaz (5): He was quite clear with the ball on his feet and handled the times in the first half. In the second stage he failed and generated some cons of the rival.

11-David Barbona (6): It started badly. Static and imprecise. In the ST it was solved and improved and also improved Racing, which had another dynamic in attack. He threw the center of the goal but missed an unusual goal.

28-Matias Zaracho (4,5): No doubt he is not going through his best moment. A lot of noise and little game.

10-Matias Rojas (6): With a closed defense it was hard for him to find that filtered pass. He ended up playing very close to Diaz. He tried several times from outside.

15-Lisandro Lopez (5): He had a clear header in the first half but arrived demanded and could not hook well. He entered little at stake and lost often with rival defenders.

9-Jonatan Cristaldo (4): In a closed defense with few spaces, he made more dirty than he clarified. Theirs is the power.

one x one Racing
Barbona fights and also played.

The one x one of the alternates of Racing

29-Nicolas Reniero (7): He entered to give rhythm and game to the attack of Racing. He got the 1-0 head. Ask for hint …

20-Dario Cvitanich (8): He understood how to play this kind of games. He threw himself a few meters further to play and got a great header in the action that ended in Racing's goal. With trade he endured it well and had two hurricane players thrown out.

16-Mauricio Martinez (5.5): With the match already 1-0 Coudet sent him to the court to give Diaz a hand in the middle.

DT: Eduardo Coudet (6): He erred in putting Cristaldo in, but he knew in time and changed. He succeeded with Reniero and Cvitanich, who gave Racing another rhythm.

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