Open letter to Kombouare ADIST: "It would have been wise to talk with supporters"


Friday, on the occasion of his weekly press conference, Antoine Kombouare fired on the fans and some former players who criticize the TFC.
This Sunday, the Association of Defense Interests Toulouse Supporters responded to the Tef coach through an open letter broadcast on social networks. This is to read in full below on LesViolets.Com :

"Dear Antoine, we have learned of your exit on the sacred union,
Let's take a few things back …
Before talking about the fans maybe it was wise to talk with them to know the subject.
Know that the sacred union seems complicated when a club complains against its own supporters and continues to harass them match after match.
That for the sacred union it would also be necessary for this same club to communicate with its supporters and otherwise than when you take the floor to teach them a lesson.
But on the face of it, just as you had not prepared your first press conference, it would seem that there, either, you did not prepare your subject before expressing yourself just as with your players you do not seem to prepare either the First 10 minutes or the last 10 games.
We will not dwell on the subject, but know that if you want to know the relationship between the club and the fans we are at your disposal to discuss the subject and we have prepared.

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