Outbreak! That's how hard Zidane talked about what happened


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane insists that Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez are not injured despite the fact that today we will not see anyone playing against Eibar in the La Liga match.

Last month, Bale had a problem with calves in international service with Wales and has not appeared since then, while James recently returned to Colombia with the club's permission for the birth of his son. The two have been seen training this week, but it is true that they have done it alone, and that no one is expected to participate this afternoon in the field.

In the press conference prior to the game, this was a must-ask question for Zidane, who answered how it was to be expected with evasion if the technician did not do anything else, but walking through the branches and never getting into the subject loves it. He just said that none of them are available, that there are no injuries or any reason that prevents them from being in the field, but we are going that the coach does not have them, it is very clear. But the questions continued and Zizou ended up getting angry then offered another reason he said that they have not been training with the group and that without training they could not play, so they were not available. That did not end up convincing anyone who wonders what is happening and why they do not talk openly about it. In addition to being a situation totally unusual for Real Madrid, that he had never experienced similar displacements such as those that are now being seen by both.

However, both the one and the other will be incorporated into their respective national teams with which we will see them in the field predictably, there are still a few days so they finish evaluating them.

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