Paderborn allegations against 4th official at Augsburg game


Augsburg striker Florian Niederlechner was after the 1-0 in the basement duel at SC Paderborn no doubt on the importance of the victory pay: "sow important," was his conclusion after the experience of success at the bottom of the Bundesliga after six previously winless games. With a combative convincing performance, the FCA freed on Saturday from the relegation zone. While the relief was also great for Niederlechner's team-mates for goal scorer Philipp Max, the Paderborns were really annoyed – not only about the result.

Sports director Martin Przondziono raised in the catacombs of Paderborn Stadium clear allegations against the fourth official Martin Thomsen. "You can make a mistake as a referee, but if the fourth official – and you really have to bring this to the public – says, 'then your blind man plays better football' at half-time, if the fourth official does that to me says, then the measure is full now, "Przondziono said, stamping away angrily. Thomsen disagreed with the statement: "The statement made by Mr. Przondziono is absolutely baseless and has no basis." He assures, "that I made this and no other statement that could be understood in this direction almost to the Paderborn way of playing" , Thomsen emphasized, "that the statement was not made by me. The accusation of any kind of insult, I reject the strongest ".

The 50-year-old had previously complained that in his view, an Augsburg player at the winner's goal of the guests by free kick in the 41st minute was banned in the wall. Referee Marco Fritz saw no clear violation of the rules that state since this season that in a wall of three or more players, each opponent must keep at least one meter away. The referee rated the scene as follows: "There are actually two walls for me. Two players are staggered behind the main wall. There, the Augsburg players may stay, because the rule is valid for three players or more. "Whether the players were one meter or 85 inches away, he could not say with the best will:" Since then my resources are limited at some point. "

SCP coach Steffen Baumgart also annoyed about the scene and that the video evidence was not used. "By losing a game like this: Phew, that's borderline," he said. In general, he is a proponent of technology, said the 47-year-old. But he can not understand why the gate was not checked for his information. "Technology has nothing to do with that, you just have to look it up," he said. He is slowly wondering "if people want to fool. That's what bothers me. " For him it was a clear mistake. "If he had looked at it and said it was all right, okay. Then I will not change it. But not to bring it into play … "Losing the game through such a situation is" borderline ".

Rising Paderborn threatened with only four points relatively early in the season to lose the connection. The hosts got the better start, made pressure at the beginning and had a great opportunity to lead. SCP captain Klaus Gjasula failed with a weak penalty to Augsburg keeper Tomas Koubek (7). "He kept us in the game," Niederlechner praised the Czechs. It took half an hour before the guests came dangerously in front of the opponent's goal. Niederlechner fired on a cross from the half-field but exactly on Paderborn goalkeeper Leopold Zingerle, then he aimed at it from a half-left position clearly over it.

Both teams then delivered in front of 13,758 spectators a balanced game, which became increasingly rough. Significantly, the Augsburg lead resulted in a free-kick: Max scored the ball worth seeing – or not? The ball bounced so strangely back from a camera into the field that there was confusion briefly in the stadium. Then it was clear: everything was regular, the gate counted. "In the beginning, I was the only one who saw the ball was in it," Max said and laughed.

The hit gave the guests extra security. Augsburg developed an overweight and had the chance to increase: Ruben Vargas failed with a touch but on Zingerle (53.). The effort was not denied to the hosts in the second half, but more than a free kick by Abdelhamid Sabiri (69) and a long-range shot by Sven Michel (71 ') did not break out for the SCP. Both chances thwarted the strong Koubek.

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