Patzer KTV Straubenhardt in Cottbus brings tension in Turn Bundesliga – Sport


Cottbus / Straubenhardt. KV Straubenhardt suffered a bitter defeat on the penultimate race day of the season. That the encounter at SC Cottbus ended with a deserved 35:23 for the hosts, was certainly not on the plan. Surprisingly lost with the TG Saar but in the German Turnliga (DTL) and the second team so far unbeaten at home against the TV Schwabisch Gmund-Wetzgau 30:44. This leaves the KTV leaders, Schwabisch Gmund and Cottbus are up to two counters before the last day of the main round competition.

It will be exciting, then, if the finalists are determined next weekend. On Saturday, the KTV and the TG Saar meet in the top duel in the Straubenhardthalle. Straubenhardt has the best ratio at the equipment points (+36) in a comfortable position opposite the TG Saar (+28), Schwabisch-Gmund-Wetzgau (+16) and Cottbus (+4). Winning a device was enough for KTV Straubenhardt to enter the grand finale. For the TG Saar, the pressure is greater, because Schwabisch-Gmund-Wetzgau in the competition at home against singing are credited twelve device points.

In Cottbus went for the still heavily replacement-weakened Straubenhardter, who renounced their alien, much wrong. Patzer on the ground (2: 2 score points), relegated the pommel horse (4: 7), somersault on the horizontal bar (0: 4). The coronation was the jump (4:15), where Andreas Bretschneider patzte and Nick Klessing's rollover double Alto was not scored because he had not landed on his feet – that was a tenth scoring for Cottbus. At least the rings (9: 4) and the ingot (4: 3) provided important device points that could ultimately be crucial.

Steve Woitalla did not want to talk long about the bush. "We did not do that we deserved the win," analyzed the KTV head coach, who also pleaded for leaving the church in the village: "No one has hurt. And we are still leaders in the standings. "And he promised:" Everyone will really accelerate in training next week, so that the best possible performance can be called against the TG Saar again. "

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