Payet, Garcia, Aulas … The reactions after OM-OL (2-1)


Marseille won Sunday the shock of the Olympics. After the meeting, several actors shared their reaction.

OM dominated OL on Sunday for the first time in five years (2-1). A success won at the guts by the Phoenicians thanks to a double of Dimitri Payet, successful in the first period. At the final whistle, the Marseillais were of course happy and satisfied with the work done. As for the Lyonnais, they expressed their disappointment. Their president notably spoke of a context too unfavorable to be able to ensure a positive result.

Leo Dubois (defender of OL on Canal +): "When we start a match like that, it's difficult to come back in the first period, we do not have the right to do what we did, we were pierced. give it a goal, but unfortunately it's like that, the championship is still long, we wanted to win before the truce and unfortunately we do not do it, we have to keep working, but it's disappointing. if we managed to manage our emotions, I hope that's it, because if it's tactical it's more complicated It's going to be up to us to keep working and moving forward, because we need points. It's up to us to question ourselves during the truce, each on his own, but it's a shame because we had good matches before and it cut a bit of the momentum, we lacked pace and in the duels we were too tender ".

Steve Mandanda (OM goalkeeper on Canal +): "It was absolutely necessary to win, if only on the accounting side, then we know the rivalry between the two clubs, all that can be done before the match and the atmosphere our supporters, we had to win and that's what we did, we have the chance to live extraordinary moments in this stadium.When it's like that, it's beautiful. "

Boubacar Kamara (defender OM on Canal +): "Today, we won with the way, being at ten for quite some time, it's good, we'll enjoy it and we'll enjoy it." I help the team and if necessary to put me in point or behind the guardian then I will do it ".

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Dimitri Payet (OM midfielder on Canal +): "I think we prepared well for this game, we had a very intense week of work, we had a game idea, very specific instructions, everything worked out well tonight (…) I said what I had to say, I spoke with my heart, there were things that were in me and it had to come out, I said them. did not stop me from staying focused on what I had to do, and it was also a way to use that to motivate myself, I do not know if it freed us but it put a lot of pressure on us, we did not have to get out of the game, we had to stay together and keep a cool head and we were rewarded. "

Jean-Michel Aulas (President of OL on Canal +): "Of course, the result is indisputable, but the game gave a deplorable image of football in its context of passion, and also of reaction.When one tries to impress before, the players, the leaders, with a pressure not As during the match, we can mention at least two cases of difficulties of application of the VAR because it seems to me that there is a hand of Sanson before that which brings the penalty. Benedetto's slap on Dubois, which is not hissed, and congratulations to OM for putting a lot of pressure on the ball, so that the ball collectors could not give the ball anymore. OM won, but there were big mistakes in the refereeing, but the pressure was too big, with the coach that was broken as an order, I watched the social networks and saw that there have been guidelines given.The people who are responsible if they want to find out who is behind That's what they will find. Payet? He did everything on the field, he gave his opinion on Rudi Garcia and he animated the 120 years of the club. Finally, the most beautiful thing was the tifos. "

Rudi Garcia (OL trainer on Canal +): "At 11 against 10, we did not manage well the numerical superiority and we lost our technical leader, Aouar, we were below in the duels and the determination tonight and that's what posed us problem Before the penalty, we create the best situations, but the penalty puts us behind and it's something we have to know how to manage. We have a young team, and that's why we also have Did not find the keys My return It does not matter What mattered was to come and make a result We were not able to, so there are things to improve at home .

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