Pernia won with Fineschi and the 200 Kilometers of Buenos Aires were a party


Leonel Pernia's hug with Damian Fineschi was like a goal against the rostrum. Why The 200 Kilometers of Buenos Aires became a classic that every pilot wants to win. For the public, with the stands full in front of the pits, and for the credit granted by the victory in a final instance for the championship. And there also celebrated the Renault team, which wants to continue on a roll with the titles, although this time Pernia is the champion of this responsibility.

Pernia won in Galvez, before a crowd, and now he is only 5 points away from the championship leader, Matias Rossi, who in the last meters agreed to third place and celebrated on the podium together with his guest driver, the Uruguayan Santiago Urrutia, in the Corolla of the Toyota Gazoo Racing.

In the celebration of the podium, the second step, very deserved by the way, was for the hard-working Matias Milla, the great side of his teammates at Renault Sport, who had Franco Vivian, a talented pilot who, although it has been more than a season since He competes in a professional manner (he works as an architect), he lived up to the circumstances.

With fifth place, Facundo Ardusso, who together with Gabriel Ponce de Leon had achieved pole position, remains in third place in the championship. Rossi leads with 155 points, followed by Pernia, with 150, and Ardusso, with 117.

The first big shot of the scene was lived by the protagonist of Saturday, Gabriel Ponce de Leon, who with the Renault of Facundo Ardusso, was stopped on the grid. He was fortunate not to be rammed from behind and once the entire squad went by, he was able to move and leave, although from first place he went to the last in 6 seconds.

“He suffered a counter explosion and the car stopped. I started it again and it started, but it delayed me. A pity, because then I searched and was able to recover many places. The car has a great performance. But it is not enough ”, was the sad statement of Ponce de Leon, who was a great candidate to take the victory in the previous one.

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The first train of the race was made up of the cars of Pernia, Milla, Canapino, Santero, Ciarrocchi, Werner, Munoz Marchesi and Chapur.

Of the few emotions offered on the track, the striking was precisely that of Ponce de Leon. Beyond what happened in the game, in his desperate recovery he had a rough crossing with Urrutia, who defended himself with the claw charrua, although then before the Renault of the Conta brothers it was passed and there he lost the duel.

Despite this setback, Ponce de Leon displayed his conductive talent to recover and deliver the car in the best possible position to Ardusso, the two-time champion of the category. From the last place he climbed to eighth position.

The first to enter the pits (on lap 25, when the operation was enabled) for the change of pilots was Pernia himself, who gave his place to Damian Fineschi. On that same lap Matias Rossi (instead of the Uruguayan Urrutia), Agustin Canapino (by Franco Girolami) got on their respective cars.

Four turns later Ardusso climbed, with fresh rubber on the front. Ponce de Leon went down after making the great expense of the race, seeking to compensate for the failed start that had delayed him to the last place.

Lap 36 was lethal to the aspirations of Canapino, which was marching in third place behind the Renault, and the Cruze stopped its march due to an engine failure. A defection that was greatly regretted in the pits, after the enormous work of the mechanics of the Chevrolet team.

On Friday, that same vehicle had suffered the destruction of the back, when Franco Girolami starred in a violent clue in the curve. After 15 hours of work, the car was recovered, put on track and had even been the fastest on Saturday morning.

On the end, Rossi and Ardusso exposed all the talent to maintain a place, or advance two, to all or nothing. Ardusso defended his fourth place, while Rossi attacked to win that position, and speculating that Spataro, in the Toyota of Santero, gave him the last place on the podium.

And all this happened two turns from the end. In a fabulous maneuver of Rossi in the middle of the main straight, he showed the car on both sides and dived inward in the bend, to overcome Ardusso brilliantly. Two big flyers, applauded by the crowd.

Then finally Spataro gave up its place, so that Rossi acceded to third place and maintained the vanguard in the championship, more and more adjusted, with two dates yet to be fulfilled, in Rio Cuarto and in Centenario, Neuquen.

After, The 200 Kilometers race was a party. On the track there were some highlights, just with the recovery of Gabriel Ponce de Leon and Rossi's fabulous maneuver at the end. Out of the circuit, the public enjoyed the Buenos Aires autodrome again as in the best times, with a renovated property, in full recovery of value. The Super TC2000 proposed the celebration of its classic, and people responded.

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