Peruvian National Team | Raul Ruidiaz: the fashion forward in MLS: ‘Franco's Day’, the column of Peru’s Franco Lostaunau in the World


Major League Soccer was recharged in 2019. It had fantasy and a lot of show with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney's half-court goals. We were dazzled by Nani's amagues and the speed of former Boca Juniors, Cristian Pavon. We were enchanted by the imbalance of “Pity” Martinez and Ezequiel Barco. And we were also attracted to the efficiency of Carlos Vela, who ended up as the best player in the league and the top scorer with thirty-six goals.

Little did it matter to Raul Ruidiaz all those names and resumes and, in fact, left out several of the final. Raul does not speak English nor does he have the same press as those named in the first paragraph, but with his performances and fourteen goals in the year, he became the fashion forward in the United States. Ruidiaz today in Seattle, is the God of football.

The 'Flea' It measures one meter sixty-nine and weighs sixty-seven kilos. He clearly has neither the size nor the strength of a conventional nine, but he understands everything a living forward has to have in terms of movements, body positions and ways of hitting the ball. Master everything and his team plays for him to look.

Some years ago, Sergio Markarian referred to the Peruvian striker as a "scoundrel in the area." The Uruguayan DT said that the ‘Flea' “He defined as if he used a scalpel.” Markarian was wrong in many things, but not in this one. Time and Raul ended up proving him right. The striker, at club level abroad, has been extraordinary. He has converted sixty-eight goals in his last four seasons between Morelia and Sounders. For a long time he is the Peruvian with more goals abroad and now he hopes to make the great leap to Europe to continue showing his qualities. "I am twenty-nine years old and the dream of playing in Europe is still valid, I really like the Dutch and Portuguese league," said the player in the week, leaving open the possibility that today is his last game in the United States.

Why not perform in the National Team?

It is undeniable that Raul Ruidiaz He has not done well with everyone's team. He has played thirty-three games in the Gareca era and has only scored four goals. The figures are hard and, for me, the explanation is clear: Ruidiaz is an exquisite definer, but he needs the team to stand out. Raul feels comfortable on the court when he finds societies that look for him in appropriate situations. If we review their goals in Seattle Sounders, most of them are after a collective play where the nine is sought to define near the goal. This does not happen in the Selection. Gareca's team got used to aligning with a striker like Paolo Guerrero, who doesn't need the support of an operation to stand out. In the blanquirroja the striker is constantly sought from the back and rubbing against the rival centrals. Throw it at Paolo, he looks for it. Give Raul more round than he puts. This is the Flea equation: Ruidiaz makes Seattle Sounders better and Seattle Sounders makes Raul Ruidiaz better. That does not happen in the National Team.

The final

Today is a great day. Today we will see a Peruvian in a final abroad. This afternoon Seattle Sounders will play Toronto FC with more than seventy thousand people at CenturyLink Field. It will be the third time in four years that faces will be seen in an MLS final. It was a triumph for everyone and today, hopefully Raul Ruidiaz be the one that unbalances the balance. And just as Farfan did last year with Lokomotiv, or Tapia in 2017 with Feyenoord, Ruidiaz can shout champion being the top figure of his team. And also, that he can continue to demonstrate that despite his size and size, he is one of the heavyweights of the MLS.

Raul Ruidiaz goes for his second title abroad. (Video: America TV) #

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