Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Chief Developer Over Pillars and Pillars 3 Prospects


Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire has sold rather poorly compared to the first installment (we reported). Josh Sawyer, the role-playing game director, has meanwhile written a blog post about a possible third part. His achievements are not very confident.
When asked about Pillars of Eternity 3, he said, "That's not something I have to decide, but I think the relatively low sales of Deadfire mean that, if we consider, we will have another Pillars game in this style to rethink the entire format of the game. "

Sawyer: "It's difficult to say why a sequel sold worse than its predecessor, even though both games were rated relatively well, is it because the first game covered the need and the audience just did not get it on the second ( Is it because of the lower attention paid to the sequel? Is it because people did not "really" like the first game despite the strong reviews and strong sales? Maybe it's a combination of all (…) It would be somewhat simpler if Deadfire had also been a colossal failure in the reviews and (in the reports) errors / problems we had to tackle, and the players criticized the low ones Difficulty / challenge at launch and the main story, which I think is fair and appropriate, but these issues alone do not really explain the difference in sales. And whre With Deadfire user reviews being weaker than Pillars of Eternity, professional critics have tended to say Deadfire was an improvement on the first game in most areas. "

"Players who hate RTwP fights will say that it was because of Deadfire's continuing focus on RTwP fights, unlike the turn-based Divinity: Original Sin 2, which has sold off prominently Even if that was true, even Pathfinder: Kingmaker sold better than Deadfire despite generally lower ratings and had RTwP bouts. "

Josh Sawyer further wrote that he would not know for sure why the second part was sold so badly. And he would not have the self-confidence to lead the development of the third part. "I could not give our (obsidian) audience the game they wanted without understanding where I was wrong – I would guess where the problems were and how to solve them."

Sawyer put via Twitter and mentioned several reasons for the poorer sales figures commonly used by other people, e.g. the unpopularity of a direct successor, the 2D graphics, and his aesthetic choices as a Game Director. At the last point, he added that he knew full well that his taste would not match the taste of many other fantasy fans, but he would try not to build the games exactly to his liking. besides, said he even sold Tyranny better than Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The Vorverkufe Deadfire was three times that of the first installment, but the sales on the day of the launch and after that were "pretty weak". In addition, the first part would have benefited from the big Kickstarter boom.

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