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He Lift UD falls by the minimum in San Mames after a goal of Athletic Club at the edge of the discount. They endured the granotas the first half, getting ahead even before passing through changing rooms, but Cap Y Muniain They gave the three points to the locals.

These are, in the opinion of The uncheck, the points of the beans before the Athletic Club in San Mames

Aitor (8): perfect first part of the goalkeeper's I raised, that stopped absolutely all the shots that came from him Athletic Club In total, there were four saving hands that the Basque took out before the break to prevent the locals from advancing. Already in the second part, the ball surpassed him from above and Muniain took the opportunity to score the tie. With little work the rest of the game, he ended up fitting the second goal to the edge of the discount, after a shot from Cap far to the area.

Time (6): rather discreet game of the Portuguese, who started strong but was losing bellows with the passage of minutes on the grass.

Shutter (7): unlike the Portuguese, he settled on the grass with the passage of time, to the point of being who advanced the beans on the scoreboard before passing through locker rooms after taking advantage of a pass Miramon

Miramon (7): He was active in the offensive aspect with raises per band, but he did not neglect his defensive tasks throughout the match. At the edge of the break, he was in charge of passing the ball to Shutter to write down the edge of the break.

Clerc (6): good game of the Catalan side, more focused on the defensive aspect, but also starring in some combination with his teammates above.

Radoja (7): the first part began discreetly, but it was becoming important with the passing of the minutes through several ball recoveries, until becoming master of the midfield.

Melero (7): focused mainly on the recovery of the ball and the fast pass, leading to the attack of the Levant throughout the game. In addition, Athletic Club did not allow him to keep the ball, being one of the players that received the most fouls in the match. Left by Vukcevic in minute 80.

Campaign (6): It was taking rhythm and importance with the passing of the minutes, initiating several plays of attack of the visitors. Four minutes into the second half, he shot from inside the area, but stopped Unai Simon. After this, he launched into the attack, but far from the level he had been showing the previous games.

Bardhi (6): Although the game did not start well, just like his teammates gradually picked up the pace, starring shots at a stopped ball or a distant ball, without real danger. After passing through changing rooms, he was seen less on the lawn.

Inaki Williams drives a ball against Bardhi (Photo: LaLiga).
Inaki Williams drives a ball against Bardhi (Photo: LaLiga).

Morales (6): game with ups and downs for captain granota, becoming important mainly in the minutes before the break, but disappearing again in the second half. Left by Roger in minute 86.

Mayoral (6): He did not have face-to-door occasions, although he went down several times to take charge of starting several of the Levante's attack moves. It was replaced by Hernani in the 75th minute.

Hernani (5): The Portuguese touched few balls in attack, which in turn helped in the defensive aspect of the stopped ball.

Vukcevic (5): Like the Portuguese, he had few opportunities to touch the ball in his minutes on the pitch, although he focused on the defensive.

Roger (-): there were very few minutes of the striker on the grass, so it is not possible to score his performance in the match.

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