Pokemon: filter the images of the first three chapters of the new Anime saga


A few days from the next animated saga of Pokemon, the tweeters are sharing the images of the first chapters and various conceptual arts of the franchise. Highlights the first meeting between Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, an event that occurs years ago from the beginning of the franchise.

Twitter accounts Serebii.net and YonkouProd published unpublished material on the first three chapters of the new saga of Pokemon, which will be dedicated to the origin of Pikachu and Ash's motivations to coach.

The images of YonkouProd show Ash and Gou together new characters from the saga Pokemon. Pikachu also appears after electrocuting Ash, which suggests that the series will be a reboot of the original anime.

Gou is a ten-year-old coach who has just begun his journey, and will be a strong comparison with veteran coach Ash. The two will explore the new creatures of the Galar region in the future of Pokemon.

Serebii.net, meanwhile, shared the conceptual art of chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the Pokemon series. We see Pichu looking at the moon, Snorlax lying in an extensive meadow and Ash and Gou on the back of Lugia.

The new saga of Pokemon It opens on November 17. The sense of the plot is unknown, although fans suspect that it will deal with the other regional leagues.

Pokemon | Synopsis of the new saga

"This new adventure Pokemon promises to take us through all the existing regions of anime and videogames, with an Ash Ketchum striving to continue growing as a coach Pokemon and a new protagonist named Go who wants to capture all the Pokemon that exist"


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