Pokemon: new saga will reveal how Ash met Professor Oak Anime


The next animated series of Pokemon will be dedicated to explain some points that the community still does not know about the life of Ash Ketchum, the recent champion of the Pokemon League Alola in the saga ‘Sun and Moon’.

In addition to immersing yourself in the origin story of Pikachu and how he met Ash Ketchum, the new batch of chapters of Pokemon he will dedicate a space to the relationship between Professor Oak and Ash, long before his departure from the Paleta people to begin his adventure as a coach.

The user of Twitter @AshandSerena shared a revealing image about the plot of the new anime of Pokemon. This shows a young Ash showing a poster in which a Camp is promoted Pokemon directed by Professor Oak.

“Six years and he already likes Pokemon. The camp Pokemon Professor Oak will take place when Satoshi (Ash, in Latin America) and Gou are 6 years old. Satoshi asks his mother to enroll him, but he fell asleep that day. ”, says the text that was translated from Japanese.

Gou is a ten-year-old coach who has just begun his journey, and will be a strong comparison with veteran coach Ash. The two will explore the new creatures of the Galar region in the future of Pokemon.

The new saga of Pokemon It opens on November 17. The sense of the plot is unknown, although fans suspect that it will deal with the other regional leagues.

Pokemon | Synopsis of the new saga

"This new Pokemon adventure promises to take us through all the existing regions of anime and video games, with an Ash Ketchum striving to continue growing as a Pokemon trainer and a new protagonist named Go who wants to capture all the Pokemon that exist"


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