Ponzio also sees Gallardo directing in Barcelona


There was much talk in the last week about the possibility of Marcelo Gallardo being chosen by Barcelona if it is decided to end the increasingly questioned cycle of Ernesto Valverde.

There has been, however, no concrete management that invites us to think that this could take place in the near future and the Argentine coach remains focused on the great final that River has on the horizon, for Copa Libertadores against Flamengo.

But the rumor transcended borders and was installed as a topic of debate, such that even Leonardo Ponzio himself, a symbol of the Gallardo Era in the Millionaire, referred to this possibility.

“Gallardo is ready to make the leap. He can lead Barca as he can lead the Argentine national team. Some European club will lead, sure ", said the midfielder.

And I add: "There are players who were a lot in Europe and have that Argentine or South American blood to compete there."


In the interview he gave to Radio Miter Ponzio he spoke of the trial in Spain. There he had to go to testify for the cause of an alleged party arrangement between Zaragoza, where he was the captain, and the Levant. “I am waiting for the resolution of the trial. It bothers me that my name is manipulated by my family. I am calm, I know who I am ”he counted

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