Porto: Mateus Uribe apologizes after incident for his wife's party


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After Mateus Uribe was in the eye of the hurricane for celebrating his wife last Friday until late at night, when the Dragons they had the derby on Sunday Port before him

Boavista, the Colombian stepped out and apologized, while ensuring that he is a professional.

However, both the Colombian and Agustin Marchesin, Luis Diaz Y Renzo Saravia, who were also at the birthday party of Cindy Alvarez, were sanctioned by the club because they took it as an act of indiscipline, so they will not see action in today's duel.


Sorry … It is the only word I should say at this time to all the people who have sent messages to my wife and me.

Understanding … It is the word that I want you to take away from me, my professionalism should not be called into question by some means that what they do is exaggerate the situation without knowing what really happened.

"On Friday I celebrated my wife's birthday. At midnight, after my classmates left, I went to rest, since the next day we had no training or anything like that. My family, like me, knows that the number one priority at the moment is to take care of my physical condition in order to have the optimal performance of a professional soccer player. My wife, her friends and her family continued in the meeting because it was in the garden of my house, for that reason the media and people outside the events say I was there until 5 A.M. Thing that is totally false", he wrote on his Instagram account.

He Porto is obliged to take the win this afternoon before the Boavista to put pressure on the leader Benfica, if they want to stay in the fight for the league title.

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