Porto-Vecchio: a sheepfold is on fire, several dead animals


A fire broke out in a sheepfold belonging to Francois-Pierre Giraschi, President of the FDSEA Extreme South and Vice-President of the FDSEA 2A, in Palombaggia, on the commune of Porto-Vecchio, on Saturday, November 9th. Porto-Vecchio firefighters were called around 7 p.m. The 100-square-meter wooden building was already almost completely plagued by flames, preventing the animals are inside, goats and goats, to escape. The shepherd was not connected to an electrical installation.

Despite the emergency response, the building was completely destroyed by the fire. The majority of the more than 150 animals that made up the herd are dead.

An investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the fire. The criminal trail is privileged.

Real estate speculation

"It's a disaster. We support it, and we will support it to the end"says Jean-Baptiste de Peretti, a winemaker elected from the Regional Chamber of Agriculture and vice president of the FDSEA of Far South.For him, this accident would be the cause real estate speculation in Porto-Vecchio. "There has been no local urban planning plan in Porto-Vecchio for years. In fact, everyone wants to make the land buildable, but we don't know our areas, and that creates huge tensions."

In his view, the only way to recover from a climate of serenity would be to find an agreement between the CTC and the city council so that a PLU can be put in place.

Support rally

The President of the Executive Council of Corsica, Gilles Simeoni, indicates in a tweet that the Ordac and the community of Corsica are with the breeder "after the criminal fire that struck him in Porto-Vecchio".

In a statement, SDSEA 2A states "show full and complete support" to Francois-Pierre Giraschi. The national federation of agricultural unions of Corse-du-Sud thus condemns "these criminal and inhuman methods"the opposite of values"of Agriculture where the human being in a prime place"that she drives.

FDSEA 2A, through its president, Francoise Cianfarani insists on the need for dialogue "both in (the) claims and in (the) field relations", and calls for the defense of respect,"transparency and commitment"in the agricultural environment.

The agricultural union organizes a support rally on Saturday, November 16, at 11am, where the sheepfold was burning. The organizers expect a great deal of mobilization.

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