Porto would have cut Marchesin and Mateus Uribe from the call


Agustin Marchesin and Mateus Uribe, former players of America who were signed by Porto in the last summer market, would have been sanctioned by Porto for the match against Boavista for indiscipline, after participating in a party that lasted until late at night.

In many teams in Europe there are no concentrations as usually happens in Mexico, where players spend together the night before the games in a hotel, however, the regulation prevents players being away from home after 11 p.m., an aspect that violated the ex-players blue creams and two other elements.

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Uribe organized a party to celebrate his wife's birthday and they were present at the celebration Agustin Marchesin, Luis Diaz and Saravia, of those who say they were in the pachanga until 5 in the morning, so that the coach of the Lusitano club, Sergio Conceicao would have erased them from the call against Boavista.

“They have told me about two or three players and I want to highlight an expression I had some time ago. This representation of FC Porto is not enough to have a contract, you have to feel the club ”, commented the strategist at a press conference.

The players were evidenced by the photos and videos that Uribe's wife uploaded to social networks and although some time later she deleted all traces of them, we already know that the material is shared in some way or another.

“During the party, the wife of the Colombian midfielder, Cindy Alvarez Garcia, posted several videos on Instagram, showing the four players at the celebration”, says O’Jogo.

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"Both Sergio Conceicao and FC Porto were relentless and eliminated the four South Americans from the list of 23 elected for the game, so there were only 19 left, ” It complements the same publication.

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