Pratto went hot with the Central plant: "Nailed line 7"


This morning, River received Rosario Central by date number 13 of the Argentine Super League.

Those of Marcelo Gallardo fell 1 to 0 before the Scoundrel and missed the opportunity to climb to the top of the championship.

The approach of Diego Cocca (undefeated as DT before the Doll) upset the champion of America, who said goodbye sadly to his people before defending the title in the final vs. Flamengo

He was criticized harshly by Lucas Pratto, who was dispatched to the way of playing of his rival once the game ended.

"We searched as usual and they got the goal of their own mistake. We know they come to play like that, then they nailed line 7. They had the 4 defenders, plus the 3 forward flyers and the ends that became lateral so get on think: they are 9 players and they left (Sebastian) Ribas loose ahead ", He launched.

However the Bear He made self-criticism and posed a challenge to his team: "It's football, we have to know how to play like this and improve when we are at a disadvantage the accuracy in the area."

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