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The data of the week: After the defeat in Cordoba, Kudelka would put 3 variants to the team: Gabrielli and Moreno would return for Nadalin and Villarruel respectively. In addition, Salinas or Leal will replace the insaurralde legacy replacement.

Record: They played only 6 games, Newell's won 1, Defense 4 (the first 4 games in history, all 1 to 0) and drew once.

The referee: It will be Diego Abal who led La Lepra 29 times with a record of 10 wins, 12 draws and 7 losses.

The bank: Ibanez, Fontanini, Nadalin, Rivero, Villarruel, Castro, Denis Rodriguez, Alexis and Salinas or Leal are the concentrates apart from the owners. They will leave the red and black substitutes

The reserve: He equaled 1 to 1 on Friday at the Jorge Griffa training center. Manuel Llano scored the equalizer for the Duscher team that formed: Barlasina; Luque, Pardo, Nunez, Odone; Requena, Maccari, Eggel (Plain); Cingolani (Huguenet), Donsanti (Cabrera) and Gambarte.

The entries: They are sold from 10 in the Colossus. There are general non-members at $ 500 and stalls partners and non-members at $ 400 and $ 900 respectively.

The memory: The only red-and-white victory against the Falcon was 1 to 0 in the Park with Alexis Rodriguez's goal.

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