Premier 12: The unbearable lightness of Cuban baseball


The disappointing performance of the Cuban national baseball team in the second edition of Premier 12 should serve as something more than a collective catharsis about the mistakes — that were many — of director Miguel Borroto, of Yurisbel Gracial's inability to perform with the uniform from Cuba at the gates of a new millionaire contract in Japan or the lack of control of pitchers. This new embarrassment should work as a definitive trigger for decision makers to just understand that the way in which the current Cuban ball is conceived has hit bottom.

I have read not a few comments about the “Cuban baseball crisis”. I wrote about that a while ago, because I don't think there is such a crisis. The Cuban ball transcends what happened in the Panamericans of Lima, now in the Premier 12 or what we see in the National Series. It must necessarily include what Cuban baseball players do in the big leagues, in the Caribbean leagues, in Korea, Japan and even in Europe. The talent scattered throughout the world is enormous. When we leave behind the mental barriers that continue to block us, then we will have better performances in international events and the interest in the country for national sport will increase.

Is the team that attended Premier 12 and finished with an offensive average of 136 the best that could be formed? Of course not. It is clear that players who belong to major league franchises and those who are now immersed in the leagues in Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic cannot be included; but… and the “Cuban army” in Japan, with Dayan Viciedo, Leonys Martin, Alex Guerrero and Ariel Miranda, who have expressed interest in re-dressing the national uniform? And Jose Miguel Fernandez, a star in the Korean league?

Would the result have been different with them on the team? I don't know, but at least it could be said that he lost (or won) with the best he has. The pre-Olympic tournament of the Americas seems the last chance to reach the final farewell of baseball in summer events. Cuba was on the previous five occasions (from 1992 to 2008); but if it does not finish changing what must be changed, in the pre-Olympic we will live a new disappointment.

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