Premier League: Pep Guardiola went over the referees in England | Manchester City-Liverpool England


He was beside himself in the wake of arbitration decisions. After the goal of Bernardo Silva, a hand of Alexander-Arnold at 83 minutes of play caused the wrath of Pep Guardiola in the match between the Liverpool vs. Manchester City for the Premier League. The coach was to claim the fourth referee and the assistant, since he considered it to be a penalty and the possibility that the ‘Citizens get 3-2 on Anfield Road. But it was not and there also was not the thing.

Finished the duel between both sets, Pep began to greet his players and rival players and left for the end the 'big plate': Michael Oliver. The City coach shook hands with the referees and their assistants as he shook his hands tightly and repeated again and again, with clear irony: 'Thank you, so much'.

After the match, Guardiola avoided commenting on the arbitration: "Ask the referees about the controversial moves, not me. Ask the referees and the people of the VAR. I would like to talk about the game we did, which was very good. We must be proud of the meeting we had before the strongest team in Europe. "The anger left her on the field.

The City in the standings

Manchester City It is located in fourth place in the standings with 25 units, nine from Liverpool. Leicester City and Chelsea beat him by one point.

At the next meeting, Manchester City will receive Frank Lampard's Chelsea at Etihad Stadium, promising to be another great match.

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