Presidency of Cuba highlights constancy and loyalty of Eusebio Leal


A tweet from the Presidency of the Republic of Cuba highlights the constancy and loyalty of Eusebio Leal, Historian of Havana, city that on the 16th will celebrate its half millennium.

"I believe that the perseverance and loyalty to an idea is exalted above all, to a project to which I have given all my energies without expecting anything in return, just for love," says Loyal in The Infinite Poem of Loyalty , interview granted to Juventud Rebelde and which underlines the Presidency of Cuba in his Twitter account.

This, in a link with the Cuban youth newspaper, highlights the interview made by the publication to Leal.

Being a worshiper of beauty in all its manifestations, a man tremendously in love, is fortunate to celebrate the 500 of the bride to whom he devoted himself in perpetuity. Juventud Rebelde spoke exclusively with the admired and tireless historian of Havana, highlights the newspaper.

From the age of 25, with barely sixth grade of schooling, absolutely "unpredictable" and at the stroke of intuition he took over the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana, he devoted himself to materialize, with everyday sweat, the project of his dreams, he points out.

Possessor of the gift of oratory, almost disused art in our field, he has combined his activity as a manager, builder and retailer with constant preaching, both to his fellow citizens and to the rest of the Cubans and foreigners he has managed to conquer with his speech, With that voice on that produces instant adhesion, the publication states.

Rebuild, restore, breathe life with energy, promote from the Office an intense cultural, solidarity, participatory action, that was a kind of light on in the middle of a historical period where so many have been the urgencies and needs of our people, said Leal when referring to the premise that has guided his steps all this time.

He said that "we try to do it with fruition and loyalty, tearing with energy the decadent veil that fell like heavy shroud on a city in need of substantive economic investments, leading a decentralized project that was a public expression of the political will of the State."

About Havana that we must commemorate, he affirmed that it is “Havana of the small and of the great, that of the culture of detail, that of beauty that subjugates in the apparent and in what is not so much; Monumental Havana that is intertwined with parks and flowery gardens; Havana that dances to the beat of time, without losing balance and strength… ”

In anticipating the 501 anniversary, he said of the present holiday that "we would be absolutely lost if we assumed this solemnity as a goal and not as a starting point."

It would be irresponsible to stay here, settle for the results we exhibit today and of which we are proud, but not enough. They have been years of enormous work, waiting for this great date that summons us today. We have arrived. Now what is imposed is to continue working, always more, always better, ”he said.

You have to believe in what you love and defend it at the price of blood. It is a matter of loyalty, the historian proclaimed in the interview granted to Juventud Rebelde, which is entitled The Infinite Poem of Loyalty.

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