President of Bolivia affirms that he will fulfill his constitutional duty (+ videos))


La Paz, – The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, affirmed today that he will fulfill the constitutional role until January 22, 2020 after his call for new general elections in the country.
'The constitutional role determines that the management ends on January 21 of next year, those who insinuate (the resignation) are with the coup (…) now that there are new elections (request) resignation, I have to fulfill my constitutional role' , said the president in an interview with the Pan American radio station.
‘At this time do not call confrontation and confusion, at this time the applications must be secondary, the first is to pacify Bolivia. Let's go to the dialogue and agree on how to change our Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and second in what time we can guarantee new elections, ’said the head of state.

On the other hand, the dignitary urged people who are mobilized in the streets to put down their protests and lift the strikes and assessed that with the announcement made hours before national elections, with new electoral members, the measure is no longer right to be.

A violent wave of protests, stoppages, street blockages, among others, generated before the Supreme Electoral Court declared the winner of the second-place candidate Carlos Mesa the absolute winner of the October 20 general elections.

Its political alliance Community Citizen denounced a fraud, without presenting evidence and called to ignore the results, for which the Government considered an international audit timely to the commission results, which before the reigning social situation advanced a preliminary report on Sunday.

Around 07:00 local time on this day, the leader of Aymara origin informed that after hearing the criteria of members of the Bolivian Workers' Central and other social sectors, he decided to renew all the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

He added that in the following hours the Plurinational Legislative Assembly and in agreement with all political forces will establish the procedures for this.

Likewise, he reiterated that new national elections will be called, which by means of the vote allow the people to democratically elect their authorities and incorporate new political actors. In addition, changes will occur in the Departmental Electoral Courts.

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