President of Ecuador says that Independiente's triumph 'unites the country'


The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, congratulated the technical team and players of Independiente del Valle for their victory in the final of the South American Cup, which won 3-1 at Columbus of Santa Fe.

"Today, all Ecuador celebrates with you, guys. Congratulations Independent for this historic triumph. Val Independentchampion of the South American! "said Moreno in a message on social networks.

And he assured, evoking a message from the Independent technician, the Spanish Miguel Angel Ramirez, that this triumph unites the country.

"He said it DT Miguel Ramirez a few days ago: football unites us as a country, "the president recalled. The message of national unity has been the sign that the Independent has defended since before his departure to Asuncion on Wednesday, where he won 3-1 on Saturday Columbus of Santa Fe.

This after the country lived in the first half of October a wave of violent disturbances that fragmented society and left doubts about its unity.

Already before leaving, the club owner, Michel DellerHe said in an interview with Efe that he hoped "to win the game for the good of the club and, much more importantly, for the good of Ecuadorian football", especially for the recent clashes That the country has suffered.

"We have passed a political crisis-economic-emotional so giant that Ecuador needs positive news and things that unite it. Three years ago, when Independiente played the last stages of the Liberators, he had that ability to unite and (for that) it would mean so much to be able to bring him a victory now, "he said.

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