President Sebastian Pinera proposes changes to the Constitution


Among the proposed changes is "a better definition of human rights and how to enforce" these rights.

The Chilean president, Sebastian Pinera, announced Saturday, November 9 prepare a draft amendment to the Constitution, promulgated under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). A protest from protesters who have been protesting for three weeks against the government's policy.

"I believe that changes to the Constitution are legitimate and we are going to discuss them, so we are preparing a draft amendment to the Constitution", said the head of state in an interview published by the daily El Mercurio.

Among the proposed changes are "a better definition of human rights and how to enforce" these rights. The planned amendments also specify "the obligations of the state" and establish "better mechanisms of participation" citizen, added the president.

A few days after the accession of President Sebastian Pinera in March 2018, his government had announced that it would not allow consideration of a bill that its predecessor, Socialist Michelle Bachelet (2014-2018), had submitted to Congress to amend the Constitution. The project anchored the inviolability of human rights, the right to health and education, and equal pay for men and women.

After three weeks of massive demonstrations in which 20 people lost their lives, Sebastian Pinera said that the current project should be discussed with the former president and other proposals that could be made.

Since the end of the dictatorship, the Constitution has undergone more than two hundred changes in more than forty articles, recalled the head of state. Amendments must be debated in Congress, the only body competent to validate them.

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