"Profile": Former Greens MP Terezija Stoisits does not believe in a coalition with the OVP


"Short is the opposite of confidence-inspiring"

Vienna (OTS) In an interview with the news magazine "profil" the long-time Greens MP and former Ombudswoman Terezija Stoisits assesses the chances of a coalition with the OVP skeptical: "Sebastian Kurz is for me the opposite of confidence-inspiring." It has never "so many fog and Codes in politics given as currently, "said Stoisits. Content messages would be "mantraisch down-wound"; this would include "the strict message control" and "the game with the worries and fears of the population."
According to Stoisits, the images of people in the OVP and Greens are not compatible: "Kurz has represented a law-and-order policy with authoritarian features. The Greens stand for an open society in which the weakest are not forgotten. The center-right government wanting short will not exist with the Greens. "
Despite their concerns over Kurz, Stoisits considers it "good if the Greens go into negotiations with the OVP" because opposition is "not an end in itself".

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