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In addition to the draw of the final homers of the League II, these days the national football leadership was attentive to another episode that directly impacts it: the outcome of the investigation into the scandal of the resale of tickets for the 2018 Russia qualifiers.

The night of the draw, in Medellin, and with a guest of Conmebol in Bogota, several leaders were restless because the former president of the Dimayor Jorge Perdomo had stirred the issue again and said that this time the authorities were going by members and former members of the Federation Colombian Soccer (FCF).

The issue, for some, had been buried at the beginning of the year, after the Office of the Prosecutor charged Cesar Ronaldo Carreno Castaneda and Ivan Dario Arce Gutierrez of Ticket Shop, for agiotaje (speculation to modify the prices of products), concert to commit crimes and misleading offer of products and services.

But the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), which uncovered the scandal and filed statements against FCF members and the firms Ticket Shop and Ticketya, is preparing to decide the fate of those involved in the administrative process.

He ordered 34 people to hear, among other things, to establish whether or not there was a payment of bribes to members of the Federation for the award of the contract.

The morning of October 31, for at least 3 hours, via Skype, the shift went to Perdomo. The former president of Dimayor He had already revealed to this newspaper alleged payments for the addressing of the contract of the ballots and for its renewal.

Fake ballots match Colombia vs. Paraguay

The Office of the Prosecutor also advances in the investigation on the resale of tickets.

But before the SIC, he gave unpublished details.

TIME stated that the former director said that, in mid-August 2017, when he held the position of president of the Dimayor and was a member of the FCF, he received a bribe offer.

“Mr. Rodrigo Rendon Cano (qepd) arrived at my Dimayor office and told me that for the renewal of the ticket office contract, I was entitled to money, because he, personally, for the award of the original contract, in August of 2016, he had delivered one billion to Lucho, Ramon and El Chiquito, referring to Luis Bedoya, then president of the FCF; Ramon Jesurun, then president of the Dimayor and first vice president of the Federation, and Alvaro Gonzalez, second vice president of the Federation and president of Dif Futbol, ​​”said Perdomo.
Who is the magistrate?

The former sports leader said that he immediately told what happened to a magistrate of the Criminal Court of the Supreme Court (still in office today) and former deputy prosecutor Jorge Fernando Perdomo Torres, who agreed to tell him that If he had not recorded or had other evidence, he could be denounced for injury, slander and even false denunciation.

The ex-prosecutor confirmed the episode to EL TIEMPO, but said he did not remember with all the names that Perdomo gave him in the consultation. The identity of the magistrate is not yet known.

Despite having no evidence, Perdomo says he insisted on the issue at a meeting he held with the then Attorney General, Nestor Humberto Martinez, in which they discussed issues such as bribery of arbitrators and even a team for the exFarc.

“The Prosecutor put me to talk to the anti-corruption delegate, Gustavo Moreno, with whom I met at the Capital Hotel of Bogota. When Moreno left the Prosecutor's Office, they put me to talk to people from the delegate for criminal finances, ”said Perdomo.

TIME confirmed the meeting with Martinez. In addition, that Perdomo made a statement before the prosecutor in May 2018, with extension on September 5 of that year.

The agreement was that we had to give part of the ticket office to them (Ticketya) to market it and we were sure that they would sell it at a higher price.

That day he said that his version coincides with the testimony that Cesar Carreno, legal representative of Ticket Shop, gave to the SIC on September 4, 2017.

“The agreement was that we had to give part of the ticket office to them (Ticketya) to market it and we were sure that they were going to sell it at a higher price. They alluded that they had made an investment before our contract with the Federation (…). It was another value they had paid (different from the advance). We don't know what value, but they had to get it back”Said Carreno.

THE TIME consulted with the lawyers of the Federation who said that Perdomo lies and that his statements obey a revenge after he was fired from the Dimayor.

Three weeks ago, Andres Jimenez, former deputy prosecutor for criminal finance, said the case also continues to advance in the entity.
Bedoya already spoke with the SIC

In fact, he revealed to this newspaper that Luis Bedoya is willing to collaborate, but in the future, due to a US justice talanquera.

“I contacted the New York prosecutors who are taking the Fifa case and explained to them what our interest was in talking with Mr. Bedoya. We send the corresponding judicial assistance requesting to be able to take the declaration. At the beginning of the year they responded that given the procedural stage in which the Fifa case is, it is not yet prudent that we can take the aforementioned statement. But they gave us a future date to verify Bedoya's collaboration with them again, ”Jimenez explained.

But Bedoya – an FBI witness in the Conmebol bribery scandal – has already spoken to the SIC. Juan Pablo Herrera, delegate for the protection of competition, told this newspaper that the former leader responded to all the requirements on the subject, through a lawyer.

And while Herrera did not want to answer if Bedoya went from investigating to witness, he assured that the case is in the final stretch.

“We are in the instruction stage, decreeing evidence. 20 days left. Then we will quote an audience, in which the final allegations will be heard and In December we will be delivering a final report to Mr. Superintendent Andres Barreto”, Explained Herrera.

The next step is for Barreto to decide whether to file or enter to punish those involved, who, in any case, may file an appeal for replacement.
The defense of the Federation

The group of lawyers of the Colombian Football Federation insists that there were no bribes to deliver the ticket contract. In addition, Jorge Perdomo lies in pointing out that there was an attempt to bribe him.

“Everything Jorge Perdomo now says is affecting his credibility, because when he was still president of the Dimayor he made a statement, and He clearly said that there was no irregularity or any act of corruption on the issue of ticket office”They said.

And they added: “After he was dismissed from the Dimayor, and in what can be interpreted as retaliation for having been fired, he manifests something different from what he himself said at the time. Perdomo gave his vote in the same direction as the rest of the members of the Federation to choose the marketer of the ticket office, in a vote that was unanimous, considering it the best offer, which he ratified in his recent statement. ”

And they pointed out: “In addition, it should be borne in mind that the new version of Perdomo, of the alleged existence of coimas, as he stated before the SIC, was not brought to the attention of any authority, because he did not find it credible or relevant, neither commented on it within the executive committee nor denounced it. This would confirm that only after he was fired is he fulfilling his threat of revenge on Ramon Jesurun and Alvaro Gonzalez, as he told some people. Perdomo also did not denounce the supposed attempt of bribery of which, according to his recent saying, he himself was the object, which increases the suspicion that everything he is saying is invented and does not go beyond being a revenge and does not correspond to reality.

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