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Imposing an important level of self-criticism, Charles Leclerc is like many of his peers in constant search for optimizing his performance and ways to better get what he needs from his team. "I think I have not been perfect on my side, that's for sure. Particularly in the race, where I still have a lot of personal progress to accomplish ", He analysis.

"I think I learned a lot of things in Mexico, from the outside, of course, it's always difficult to see, but in terms of riding style, I tried a lot of things in the race and I a clear idea of ​​what I had to try here "he said, for example, in the United States before the race.

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Many missed opportunities

Leclerc's winning streak may currently show a number greater than two (Spa and Monza) according to the principal concerned, who knows for example that he was close to success in Bahrain, where he suffered a mechanical problem while he occupied the head. and Spielberg, where Max Verstappen helped harden him. But it is in Russia that Leclerc also thinks to have let slip a success stupidly.

"I think I was unlucky on some races, it is clear that in Sochi I could have had another victory but we could not control the failure of Seb (Vettel) who generated the intervention of the safety car, after which I downgraded, so there were some missed opportunities, but I think it's not that bad. "

"I think I can have a better influence on my strategy, especially", he adds, not without suggesting that the way in which the political management of situations with the low wall and his teammate Vettel influenced his season.

There were clearly more things I could have done as a pilot trying to help the team make the best decision.

Charles Leclerc

But it is again tactfully that the Monegasque brings the question, suggesting that Ferrari's decision-making approximations were, among other things, caused by the fact that he himself did not make himself sufficiently incisive. "(In Mexico) there were clearly more things I could have done as a pilot trying to help the team make the best decision – it's just the learning process and I need to take action as quickly as possible or as often and as quickly as possible to try to avoid repeating these mistakes. "

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Many are observers in the paddock to engage in a game of revisionist calculations on the pace of the season Leclerc without a number of hiccups with the management of strategies by Ferrari, mechanical failures or other errors and hazards. Starting more often than anyone else this year, Leclerc gave some people the feeling of being the one who lost the most chances of winning against Mercedes, who was not always in a strong position against at the Scuderia.

"It is very difficult to answer this question, but we try to work at all levels"he tempers. "Certainly there are some tracks where the degradation was very important and they seemed to save the tires longer, we're working a lot on that, and as I said before, I think there's has a lot of progress that I can do on my own, so that I can achieve the same lap times without using the tires as much. "Driving is quite important, I'm working on it and I'm pretty sure that if we continue to work together, the results will come. "

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