Promoter or builder, who offers what when building a home?


Promoter or builder, the pros are at your service to build your cozy nest. – IStock / City Press

Building your house has different advantages: modern and efficient materials, low energy consumption, a home in its image. However, the approach varies completely according to the professional chosen to lead this project.

The turnkey offer

Buying your future home as part of a real estate program has something reassuring. And for good reason, it is the developer who is the sole interlocutor of the future owner and offers him a turnkey acquisition. Behind the scenes, this professional has already been responsible for finding the ground, the feasibility of construction, its development and its financing. Throughout the edification, it is also he who chooses and oversees the various stakeholders (
architect, surveyor, builder …) and entrusts the follow-up and the reception of the works to a project manager.

In parallel, the promoter targets the clientele likely to be interested in this acquisition and provides advice and support to buyers until the delivery of housing. It will be understood, the main advantage of this formula is that the owner has nothing to manage, the promoter takes care of all the administrative and legal steps as well as the follow-up of the construction. The other side of the coin: you have to find a real estate program located in the desired area and accept that your home is standardized, with little or no possibility of customizing the plans.

Freedom of choice

But if no project of building or subdivision finds grace in your eyes? In this case it is better to call on a builder of detached houses, also known as a pavillonneur. If it does not offer custom-made, unlike an architect, this professional can still present a catalog of models of housing sufficiently varied so that you can find a style and an architecture to your taste , all within your budget. In addition, despite a certain standardization, several adaptations are often possible to add or remove a room, provide for the kitchen to be open or not, move the chimney …

Once the choice is made, this project manager will take care of the construction project and the administrative procedures that go with it, such as obtaining the building permit. On the other hand, unlike the developer, the builder does not manage the purchase of the land. It is up to the owner to find it, if he does not already have one, and to pay all the costs related to his development. Side tariff, we can find models of house from 1.000 euros / m2 (except ground and expenses annexes). Of course, the more customization options are added, the more prices will go up.

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