Protest! Austria fans demand: Board out!


At the FK Austria Wien there is still fire on the roof!

While the fan scene in an open letter for a togetherness with the team spoke, the Bundesliga match against SV Mattersburg made clear and clear what you think of the decision makers in the club.

The active fan scene, which met in front of the stadium, late into the stadium and promised only the second 45 minutes of support, let with huge banners know:

"Many people are or have been gone, times have changed, what remained are we fans we remember … respect our fan culture!"

Fanklub photographers were therefore deprived of accreditation for the game, even the sale of fan club utensils were banned after the fireworks incident in Pasching against the LASK.

In the lower rank was written: "To hide your mistakes, you try to ruin the fan scene! Board out!"

This gets even sports director Peter StOger, so far spared by the criticism, his fat away.


"Our downfall is quite close!"

In addition, the portrait of Markus Kraetschmer graced a banner, with red letters was "Raus" unmistakable read about it.

After a few minutes, another message was rolled out: "In Pasching you have seen it, the board must now finally go!"

Later came a banner with the clear demand: "With the stadium construction miscalculated, the last fans are breaded! Now we say it very clear, under sinking is quite close! Only a resignation can save us: MK creep you, make it for our Violets "

Clear message against Peter StOger

A banner had the sports board in sight. The voiced criticism referred not only to the sporting on a scheduled fan date, in which StOger answers questions for 19 euros – which upsets the fans sour.


"19 euros for a conversation with Peter StOger? The NOstlinger has already told for less fairy tales!" Was recorded on a banner.

Also Ralf Muhr under attack

Even the sports director gets into the criticism of the local fans.

"The offspring at Verhazen, the player contracts to shit … when will the next culprit sneak ?!"

The letters in red give the name Muhrs.

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Bundesliga: Austria fans announce a change of course

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