Protests in Bolivia LIVE: The end Evo Morales could face if he does not call for new elections, according to Juan Guaido | Venezuela | Nicolas Maduro | VIDEO AND PHOTOS | World


Venezuelan Parliament Chief Juan Guaido recommended this Saturday to the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, that he "listen to the Bolivian people" and convene new elections to resolve the crisis in the country, if you do not want to repeat the history of Venezuela.

In statements to the media Guaido sent "a message of clarity" to Morales: “You saw what happened in Venezuela when a dictator tried to forcefully impose an election that never happened, that did not win and did not have the votes ”, in reference to Nicolas Maduro.

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“A complex humanitarian emergency was generated, as a result of their disaster, they destroyed the country, they have the rejection of 93%” of the citizenship, he explained in transmission of TVVenezuela News.

Guaido, recognized by fifty countries as president in charge of Venezuela, emphasized that the best way to solve the tension in Bolivia is that there is "a really free presidential election."

Mature on several occasions he has ratified his support for Morales and at the time he was one of the first public figures to congratulate him after being victorious in the questioned votes of October 20.

This Saturday, the Bolivian president ruled after the mutiny led by police units on the eve. Through a press conference in the city of El Alto, he called for dialogue to the parties that achieved parliamentary representation.

Morales urged the police to comply with the Constitution, "is their mission" to ensure citizen security. He also reiterated his complaint that in Bolivia a coup d'etat is being created to remove him from office, which he has held since 2006.

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