Protests in Chile leave the street and take the debate to citizen councils


The arrival of the weekend eased this Saturday the social upheaval in Chile and took the debate to the citizen councils, while the president Sebastian Pinera He said he was preparing a draft reform of the Constitution while the shadow of police abuse persists.

After one Massive day last Friday in the streets of Chile, the fundamental questions about citizen demands resurface over the weekend to propose ways to make the structural reforms required against inequality go through.

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The citizen councils brought together the feelings of the people in different squares and parks of the cities of the country to join ideas on how to channel the claims.

In parallel, the publication of an interview with the president Pineapple in the local press shed some light on the intentions of the Executive regarding the request of the citizens of a new constitution.

The president also referred to them when acting as police officers during the repression of demonstrations, which after three weeks leave a trail of thousands injured and detained.

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In that sense, the National Institute of Human Rights (NHRI) of Chile He acknowledged the existence of serious and repeated human rights violations during the protests, facts against which he complained so that Justice can elucidate what happened.

The police repression continues

The act of Police during the social mobilizations in the past 22 days of protest he was criticized by the director of the NHRI, Sergio Micco, in a joint interview offered this Saturday to the EFE Agency and the British agency Reuters, in which he confirmed that the human rights violations are "very serious and repeated".

He balance of injured bodies reaches 1,915, of which more than half (1,003) suffered gunshot wounds, and 579 of them were shot.

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The figures of people with impacts on the face and eye injuries reaches 182, according to cases verified by the NHRI.

Regarding this situation, Pinera acknowledged in an interview with the local newspaper El Mercurio that there were situations of abuse and excesses by law enforcement, although did not value the existence of human rights violations and aimed to be cautious about it.

Possible modification of the constitution

What the president confirmed in the same interview is that he is "preparing a draft changes to the Constitution"to be able to update the current one, which comes from the time of the dictatorship of Augusta Pinochet (1973-1990).

"The changes to the Constitution have to be deeper and more intense than I thought a few years ago. I don't want to commit to deadlines, but I am clear that there is a sense of urgency. This is for now, "said the president.

Since the opposition, the former chancellor Heraldo Munoz, of the Party for Democracy, He criticized that "the citizen clamor is for a new constitution, not for changes, it is for a plebiscite" and that the president "must convince and listen."

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For his part, the president of the Socialist Party, Alvaro Elizalde, said that if the government wants to "solve this crisis, it must summon a plebicisto for society to express itself regarding the need for a new Constitution. "

Public consultation

In this regard, the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM), which represents local governments throughout the country before the State, agreed this week to conduct a citizen consultation on December 7 on the citizenship demands, from pensions and health to education, wages and the process towards a new Constitution.

The mayor of the Santiago Central Station commune, Rodrigo DelgadoHe said that this AChM consultation may be "an input to drive the necessary changes."

Break in the mass marches

The epicenter of the protests in Chile, the Plaza Italia, in the center of Santiago, this Saturday was empty compared to the day before, when 75,000 people agglomerated, according to the figures of the Intendencia (Governorate) of the Metropolitan region.

Even though the crowds don't know they summoned like every day for three weeks, some points of the country registered peaceful mobilizations.

In the wealthy capital city of The CountsIn the east of the capital, several dozen neighbors made a march through one of the main avenues in a festive atmosphere, blowing their pans and carrying flags.

There was also a concentration of people at the gates of a Santiago clinic in support of a young man who received the impact of rubber pellets in his eyes for the action of the police in the control of the demonstrations.

In the southern city of Concepcion, the demonstrations that fill the streets of the regional capital of the city were repeated every day. Biobio, although with a significant decrease in the influx of people in relation to Friday.

Friday hangover

Precisely Friday's protest in Santiago left for this Saturday the criticisms of the Chilean Catholic Church to the isolated disturbances that occurred near the Plaza Italia, in which there were destruction in a local parish.

In the coastal town of Vina del Mar, hospital toilets Gustavo Fricke rThey carried out an act of rejection by acting police after this Friday they released you uniformed tear pumps inside the sanitary property within the framework of the nearby protest that occurred.

The protests in Chile began on October 18 in response to the rise in the price of subway tickets, but later became a popular clamor against the Government and the country's unequal economic model.

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