PSG – PSG: Paris is a lazy team, criticism falls!


Saturday afternoon in Brittany, Paris Saint-Germain did not make a big match against Brest (1-2), snatching a short victory thanks to his scorer Mauro Icardi.

The difference is blatant between the PSG Ligue 1 version and the team of Thomas Tuchel in the Champions League. Certainly, the champion of France in title must find more regularity in order to show a better level in championship. Asked about it on RMC, Ludovic Obraniak said that Paris Saint-Germain had to be more motivated and less lazy in Ligue 1 to show a much better face. Because face Dijon then Brest, it was clearly not the big PSG …

"You have the impression that the PSG, it has an evil twin that appears. Before it was from time to time but over time, this evil twin, it appears more and more often. He would almost take over. You have a team that can be flamboyant and pleasant to see you play and then you see a team, sometimes, who is sufficient, lazy, lacking in inspiration, not motivated. With a coach who makes choices that are questionable " annoyed the former middle of Lille on the RMC antenna. It remains to be seen if Thomas Tuchel will manage to find the springs to make PSG such a scary team in Ligue 1 and the Champions League.

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