PSG – PSG: The verdict falls, Paris no longer crush Ligue 1


Hardly victorious in Brest (1-2) thanks to Mauro Icardi's goal at the end of the game, PSG avoided a new out-performance outside, after that experienced in Dijon.

A proof in any case that, certainly weakened, the Paris Saint-Germain does not unroll as before on our championship. Nevertheless, the mixed sports results of the outsiders announced that the PSG largely sits at the top of our league, with almost 10 points ahead of his first pursuer. But on the field, Paris SG no longer dominates each match easily. The gap has therefore narrowed with Paris players who are much less afraid. For Nabil Djellit, mentalities have clearly changed.

" PSG, apart from the game against OM, is at the level of Ligue 1. That's what I think! The Parisians have won in pain against this good team from Brest. And they owe it to an outstanding player since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel, it's Angel Di Maria. The creativity today at PSG is Di Maria. Everything goes through Di Maria. It is a team that showed sufficiency and that now shows insufficiency in L1. Since the after Manchester United, it's a team that gives the impression of being winners in Ligue 1. Before, there was no match, there were margins, they were chasing records, now there is match. For the spectator, it's different, he sees a match now ", Delivered on Europe 1 the consultant, for which Angel Di Maria is the only one to allow the PSG to make even more differences.

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