PUMAS 1-1 JUAREZ: Goals Round 18 Opening 2019, Cronica VIDEO


The dream turned into a nightmare. The Pumas had in their hands the possibilities of Liguilla but failed goal options, including a penalty in CU, and only drew 1-1 with FC Juarez. Now, although they win Pachuca on the last day, their destiny is in the hands of others.

They could have a 2-0 lead, but victims of their mistakes, it all ended with a tie, after a great suffering of the final minutes and still with the calculator in hand. His tie gave life to Chivas, Cruz Azul, Pachuca and Tijuana, in addition to holding Morelia and Monterrey in the top eight.

The goal of the advantage and hope came before the end of the first half when Alan Mozo sent a center to the second post, which Felipe Mora went down with a stub to enable Gonzalez. Charly just measured the shot and this time put the ball between the three posts for the partial 1-0.

Impetu was what was shown by Pumas from the start in search of the valuable points and proof of this were the shots of Bryan Mendoza at 20 ’or the center of Victor Malcorra that reached the area of ​​Carlos Gonzalez, although the shot went off target.

It was not Malcorra's afternoon who, despite being an exit route for university students, could not weigh as expected. It all started at 35 ’when he entered the area alone but after defining goalkeeper Ivan Vazquez came defenseman Israel Jimenez and crossed the path of the ball.

To this freak the penalty penalty would be added to 58 ’, just when the felines needed to expand the advantage and that is why some sectors of the public booed it. From there he did not recover and was the target of the aurizul raging public.

In the second half came the decisive play when the Paraguayan Gonzalez was enabled in a hand in hand against the rival goalkeeper. After dribbling Vazquez Mellado, he fell to the floor and injured his shoulder.

He had won a penalty but had to retire from the field due to injury and his place went to striker Martin Barragan, who barely added a League goal.

Malcorra charged the penalty down to the right of the goalkeeper, who launched and stopped the shot loaded with illusions of Liguilla.

To top it off, it was the 66 ’minute when Juarez midfielder Jose Joaquin Esquivel took the ball ahead of the area, ran in front of the goal and with a powerful shot he scored a great goal and put the 1-1 on the blackboard.

With the pressure to the top, Pumas threw himself in front and still got a shot from Martin Barragan but Ivan Vazquez Mellado returned his quick reflexes to deflect the ball.

Barragan himself caused fans to get up from his seat with another head shot that hit the post, in an action that was seconded by a powerful shot by Kevin Escamilla that also shook the iron.

Everything ended and thus the hope of Pumas was diluted, curiously against the Braves of Gabriel Caballero, who in the Clausura 2019 deprived them of the MX Cup Final.

When things were better for Pumas in the duel of being late against FC Juarez, in his search for a place in the Liguilla, the bad news came for the feline team that lost its scorer Carlos Gonzalez for a clavicle injury, in a fault within the area that cost the border set a maximum penalty.

The goalkeeper Ivan Vazquez Mellado, in his attempt to stop the Guarani, caused the attacker to fall, who was left lying on the field of play and no longer joined until the assistance cart entered through him.

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