Pumas UNAM vs. FC Juarez – Match Report – November 10, 2019


MEXICO (Javier Rosas) – Pumas divided units with Juarez and missed the opportunity to finish Round 18 among the top eight. Carlos Gonzalez was in charge of marking for the felines, who sent the ball to the post four times; while Joaquin Esquivel scored for the Braves.

The cats took over the game from the first minutes with a powerful shot by Alan Mendoza, which was just an announcement of what would await the defense of Juarez who suffered in the first half.

The second warning came from Bryan Mendoza, who entered the area on the right wing and took a powerful shot, which beat Ivan Vazquez Mellado, but ended up crashing into the post.

The university students warned again, but now they did it with Carlos Gonzalez, who was swept away to make contact with the ball behind Victor Malcorra's center, but it came out on top. A play later the Paraguayan again had an opportunity and did not miss it at 33 '. Alan Mozo sent a service to the area, where Felipe Mora lowered the head round for Gonzalez, who only pushed it to the networks.

For the first minutes of the second part the South American attacker was again the most dangerous. He sent a header to the crossbar and caused a penalty, which left him injured by a shoulder at 53 'without being able to continue in the game. Malcorra was charged with charging from the penalty spot, but his shot was stopped by Vazquez Mellado.

The locals lived complicated moments after the failure, as the fans booed Malcorra every time he touched the ball and 10 minutes later came the goal of the tie for the border, by Joaquin Esquivel, who took a powerful shot to beat Alfredo Saldivar.

Pumas had trouble playing without Gonzalez in the attack. Martin Barragan, who took the place of the Paraguayan, had two chances to score, in one his header was blocked and in another it took time to define and his shot was covered by border defenses.

In the aggregate time, the auriazules turned to the attack, while Bravos retreated to defend the tie, a situation that triggered arrivals in both goals with two posts for the felines and one more for Juarez.

Now, the classification of felines no longer depends on themselves. For the last date, you must beat Pachuca and expect combinations of results.

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