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After the defeat of Eintracht SC Freiburg was mainly talked about the body check by David Abraham against Christian Streich. The Freiburg coach tried not to let the discussion boil up. Fredi Bobic was annoyed with the referee.

Eintracht Frankfurt has unfortunately lost to SC Freiburg on Sunday night. At 0: 1 Nils Petersen (77.) scored the decisive goal. Previously, Gelson Fernandes had left the field with yellow-red (45th). Tumult in excitement caused after excitement after David Abraham Freiburg coach Christian Streich had run. The Eintracht captain and Vincenzo Grifo saw red.

Christian Streich: He just knocked me over. He is a very emotional player. He came to me and apologized. I have many bad traits, but I'm not very vindictive. We are footballers, we are all emotional. Here in the square it goes off and afterwards is peace, finished. I was still trying to tense my muscles, but there was nothing left. At the age of 54 you can be run around by such a young buffalo. We are very satisfied with the result of the game. Frankfurt has done well with ten men. And they have very fast people – there you can always get a counterattack.

Adi Hutter: I'm annoyed that we did not take at least one point, because even in a minority we have actually made a really good game. As far as the points are concerned, we are not annoyed when it comes to performance. Where the pack formation came from, I have not seen exactly. I just saw a duel between David Abraham and Christian Streich and then I did not see how that came about. Emotions are part of football. Annoying is the first yellow-red card by Gelson Fernandes.

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Martin Hinteregger: From the scene in the end, I have not seen anything. It is very bitter that we take nothing here. We played really well despite the red card. They had very few chances, we were about to take the lead and later equalize. We have shown a brutal fighting spirit, we have to take that with us now.

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Fredi Bobic (on Sky): The yellow-red card annoys me the most. Felix Brych has a lot of running and then he gives for a trifle yellow-red. As a result, he has decided the game. He did not pull his line through there. Overall, the team's performance in the second half was outstanding. We did not pay attention at the back just once. The scene at the end is actually unimportant for the game. But that overshadows much. David Abraham is not allowed to do that. He is emotional and felt provoked. That should not happen to him. These are all unnecessary barriers that no one needs.

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The harmony in the home game!

The turbulent game of Eintracht is on Monday theme in home game! hr-tv (23.10). In the ARD-Mediathek and on hessenschau.de there is the program already from 21.30 o'clock.

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